BUDGET CUTS: WDM Schools Face $4m Shortfall

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The West Des Moines school board is holding a meeting Monday night that many teachers, employees and parents will be paying special attention to.

The district is looking to cut nearly $4 million from the budget and that could lead to the closing of an elementary school.

Phenix Early Childhood Center is considered West Des Moines’ first elementary school.

Administrators are proposing the district close the facility, which could save the district $1.1 million. The school houses 140 pre-schoolers through 3rd graders. Eleven position would be cut.

Also on the list to eliminate, are 21 Level-1 program assistants in special education programs. That could save the district nearly $700,000.

The proposal also suggests cutting nearly seven first grade assistants and eliminating half-day kindergarten.

School board members will finalize the budget Monday night. They go into a work session at 5:15 and their regular meeting is at 7:00.

Both meetings are at the Learning Resource Center at 3550 Mills Civic Parkway.