STABBING THREAT: Few Answers From School Board

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Parents in Moravia didn’t get many answers at a school board meeting after a 10-year-old was accused of bringing a knife on to a school bus and threatening to stab another student.

Parents we spoke with were upset that the district did not notify them of the incident. The school is required to notify parents when something like this happens, but the school board says that rule isn’t very clear.

Board members plan to talk about different ways of handling a situation like this.

“In the future we may have some future consideration on how notifications might be handled to parents that would be directly involved,” Moravia School Board member Chris Spencer said. “That will be something for future discussions for the board.”

We are not releasing the name of the 10-year-old because of his age. No word whether he has been disciplined by the school.


  • c.j.

    just wondered why you didnt discuss any of the positives from the school board meeting? I do recall a few students sharing work they have done during class time, as well as a young lady who received 3rd place out of over 5,000 entries in an essay contest. There was also mention of a young man who placed on the podium at state wrestling. The problem with the news is that they don’t post the GOOD, but sure coming flocking by the numbers when there are oppressive situations.

  • Mohawk Forever

    I was at the board meeting, and there were no questions brought to the board for the board to be able to answer. Thanks for the coverage. Maybe you should try making coverage of the positive things if you needed something to report on. Thanks!!

  • Don't see the negative

    Ok, I am from Eldon. So, not Moravia, but, 25 years ago when I was in school, the areas and schools were pretty similar.

    I don’t see where there is anything negative in this story. Parents were upset they weren’t notified. Gee, that seems fair to me. If my kid is trapped on a bus where one kid is threatening to stab another one and no one bothers to tell me, I would be upset.
    The school board said that the rule on notification is not real clear. Sounds like an honest response, it’s probably not something they’ve given a lot of thought to. You don’t really expect this sort of thing to happen. The school board has to strike a balance between protecting people and protecting people’s privacy, especially when dealing with minors.

    The school board said they would revisit the situation and consider alternatives. Ok, great idea. Now that this has happened, they need to be more aware of it and come up with a definite plan.

    And, generally, your things like the kids sharing their work, and the 3rd place essay writer don’t show up on a major news source. Those are things that should be in your school board minutes. Your school district needs to make the effort to put that stuff on the school’s website. If you have a local newspaper, like a Shopper or a Gazette, submit those things to that. While I realize those are fantastic accomplishments for those kids, they are LOCAL human interest stories and should be covered locally. My kid is a junior high basketball player and scored the winning basket in the last game of the season. I don’t expect to see that on WHO. It was, however, in our local newspaper with a nice photo.

    If WHO tried to cover that sort of thing for Moravia, they would also have to cover it for Albia, Sigourney, Oskaloosa, Des Moines, Ankeny, Waukee, Johnston, Huxley, Sheldahl, Ames, and probably a dozen other districts I am leaving out. You’d be looking at so many stories about Little Julie having her art work posted at the local Casey’s, that you’d never be able to find any actual news. Which is fine because they wouldn’t have time to write it.

    The knife makes the news for a couple of reasons. The first, and most obvious….. people eat up news like that. Human beings LOVE the scandal….as long as they are not involved.

    The other reason something like that makes the news, people have a right to know. Apparently, the school DIDN”T tell the parents in the area. Maybe your local newspaper didn’t either. If my kid is going to a school where the children are stabbing one another, or even just threatening (with knife in hand), I have a right to know. Parents in nearby school districts also have a right to know. If my child is coming into Moravia for a basketball game, I have a right to know that this kind of thing is taking place there. If you don’t tell me, and my kid gets hurt thought a situation your school knew about, the school district is probably going to get sued….big time.

  • c

    Don’t see the negative…

    Its not about the school not telling parents. They did. More so parents were complaining they didn’t know who brought it which is protected information due to confidentiality laws. Further the parents were mad because the entire community didn’t know what occurred but that is uncalled for at the time they were complaining. The children who were on the bus was notified. Also regarding the school boards positives…if the news is there and the news wants to report they can always report the good and the bad in the same news cast. Further…what the reporter reported….was above and beyond what was public information….I was there and not one person who had been mad actually was there or actually asked to be heard. Nobody asked to ammend any existing policy. My point???????? I guess they r not too concerned about the incident are they? Remember half of the stuff u hear …or less….is actually factual

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