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MEDICAL MARIJUANA: No Support From Branstad

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Gov. Terry Branstad says legalizing medical marijuana won’t become a law this year.

“I understand and empathize with the families, members that are suffering from various ailments that they think would be benefitted from this. But I also know there are unintended consequences to these things,” says Branstad.

On Monday, Gov. Branstad said he won’t back any bills legalizing medicinal marijuana if they make it to his desk.

Branstad says the issue needs more study before he could back it. One concern he points to is the possibility of abuse of the drug, similar to the problems seen with prescription drugs.

Branstad worries there would also be an increase in crime if more legal drugs fell into the wrong hands.


  • Concerned Iowan

    What about the unintended consequences families have suffered because your sons alcohol abuse? Never hear this joke of a Gov. speak out on alcohol and its harmful nature. But then again I am sure he probably had been drinking the night before he made these unintelligent statements.

  • For the people by the people

    Congratulations you have probably just lost thousands of votes because of your ignorance. It’s time conservatives and libertarians run someone against this arrogant (no one can beat me) Governor. No one can touch him or his family get out of jail for free card.

    • Tom Jefferson

      The Dems and Independent voters need to stop sitting on their hands and start changing this state. Need to get the vote out this fall!!!

  • Truth

    Bye Bye Brandstad! Get with the times. Look around the country OUTSIDE of this state. The casinos were just fine when that issue came around years ago under your watch! Ive seen many families and individuals ruined by them. Not so much by the marijuana. Idiot!

  • William Denison

    We here in Iowa need to make this an election issue.If Braindead wants to turn his back on the sick and dying, the jobless and over taxed folks of Iowa we here need to turn our backs on him and fire him this fall. He has done NOTHING for the growth of Iowa . Most of the companys coming to Iowa are bringing their own workers.Vote out all Republincans and watch Iowa bloom like a spring flower when their gone.

  • jim smith

    “One concern he points to is the possibility of abuse of the drug, similar to the problems seen with prescription drugs.”

    Who many studies and years of pot smoker in other states to know Marijuana hasn’t kill yone by any form of ingestion.studies have show it almost be impossible to. Weather that be smoke,vape,edibles.ect

    The cdc shows no deaths by marijuana.

    Comparing any form of marijuana to a prescription drug is absurd. He us no right to straw man us.

    Yes prescription drugs kill thousands of people each year.

    Yes people abuse prescription drugs.

    Yes some people abuse marijuana. That need counseling, not probation or Jail time!! But studies show those people having a %64 reduced risked in getting cancer of the lung, throat, and thyroid. And is safe for the age of consumer.

    No one wants our children to have it. No duh, but that’s why you make a law with a age restrictions and enforce them.

    There is a SLIGHTLY RISK of possible mental health disorders if your are a heavy chronic user (high amounts of thc not cbd) at a young age. There’s a study on this. And the studies even said inclusive because the lack of evidence. But possible.

    If your a heavy user at a young age and know one can tell your high. Maybe there is a lack of parental supervision. And if they are at school your telling me the teachers don’t notice?

    The bottom line this has thousands of studies already and human trails for treating chrons, brain cancer, and breast cancer going on right now. And proving to work. Research if you don’t believe me. webpb

    The epilepsy Foundation of America last week ask in a letter to the federal government that marijuana be taken of schedule 1. so they can do testing to prove cbd effectiness on epilepsy.

    I hope people understand that this effects a lot of sick Iowans.

    I wont be voting for this guy, Yes he lowered unemployment. But the latest polls show 60% of Iowans support medical marijuana. His not listening to the people. Not only that it’s sick, and dieing people that are being hurt by someone who’s way out of touch on this subject.

    • Ishmale Whale

      jim smith, those studies you mention are unofficial. Since marijuana is schedule 1, studies must licensed from the fed., and test material must be provided my the fed. from their “research” crop in Mississippi. Any study that wants to prove a legit/safe use of it is 100% rejected. Any one sided study that wants to prove how bad it is is almost always granted. No legitimate science/medical studies can take place as long as it is in schedule 1. Any study on the material without fed. licensing is not worth the paper is is written on, and those who were in possession of the material can be sent to prison.

      • judy judy judy

        I believe Nixon made Cannabis schedule 1 just to get back at all those draft card burning free lovin hippies. Thats how the GOP roll.

  • Ishmale Whale

    People are moving out of Iowa because of this to other states that allow it. Branstad and most other Iowa politicians are old and out of touch with current medical science. I bet Branstad doesn’t even know that at one time, marijuana was legally in doctors medicine bags when doctors did house calls.

    • jim weed

      “Marijuana was legally in doctors medicine bags when doctors did house calls.”
      Still is just not in this backwoods fly over state.

  • Jack Mckeag

    Branstad whitewashed his son killing those people and now his just out right lying about cannabis. I don’t like be lied to by a low life corrupt politicians like Terry Branstad. Vote him out!!

  • judy judy judy

    Heres one for the books. Terry Braindead says “legalizing cannabis would increase crime.”. Wow, people voted for this guy?


    I beg our Governor to please reconsider. I’m very sick and want to try medical marijuana in hopes it will help me eat. I’m wasteing now and cannot eat. My days are numbered and my only wish is I do not have to go out all drugged up on powerful meds that make me a zombie and maybe able to eat alittle. Thats not asking for much. I did alot in my short life for Iowa and think I deserve better.My family deserves better.

  • Jose

    Our states motto is “Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain.” Mr. Branstad has taken our liberties and rights away from us here in Iowa. We are a group of people living a lie in this state. When did any of us give up our rights to this states proven corrupt government? It really is time for a new Iowa.

  • Darth Vader

    Why won’t the Govennor even debate this issue? He is so closed minded he won’t even talk about it . He just makes up abunch of one liners and does his little Jedi wave and all is good. The sad thruth is that Terrys powers are growing weak with his age and his tricks no longer work for him. Hes just space junk now.

  • Perry (@perpolson)

    He would rather Bank With BIG PHARMA ! is my bet !
    Same OLD BS !
    useing the reafer madness mentality & Try and scare the people !
    and would RATHER they abuse things that KILL them ? wtf ?

  • Perry (@perpolson)

    Just more BS and its funny BS kind of stands for Bran Stad just fits !
    He will need something one day and I hope someone WITHOLDS TRETMENT FROM HIM cuz that is simply what they are doing !

  • William Denison

    Time for your life style lift again Terry. FYI Cannabis oils can do wonders for the skin. Just sayin….

  • pray for the weak

    We in Iowa are better than this. We do not turn our backs on our neighbors here. We need new leadership.

    • William Denison

      Didn’t your mother ever tell you to never define someone based on their illness? Samething holds true for the way someone chooses to treat themselfs for that illness. Bottom line is that it really should be nobody business.

  • cindy walraven

    Our great current govern being so closed minded is losing voters by the thousands because of his ignorant remarks and announcement that he will not even consider passing any laws to make marijuana legal. Apparently he also has not looked into the benefits that marijuana can play in helping so many people, But yet his own family follows a different set of laws in iowa. Instead of his son being charged with vehicular manslaughter like most of us would. He walked free with a slap on the hand after killing people. Then his father pushed to passed laws to make the penalties easier on minors. We need to get this man out of office!! Imagine the tax revenue our state could benefit from. Instead of closing schools and our teachers losing their jobs. We could be opening new schools and hire the best teachers and pay them a good wage. We could fix our roads, bridges, our parks the list goes on and on. I agree with alot of others posting here that IOWA NEEDS A NEW LEADER!!

  • Matthew

    Vote Branstad out! He is denying medicine to people who can genuinely benefit from it. Tune into Weed 2 on CNN Tuesday night at 9:00pm and the truth shall be known.

  • Mason McCarville

    Branstad worries there would also be an increase in crime… fact is the prohibition strengthens organized crime. When you have high level drug dealers telling you that the prohibition is good you might what to take a step back and look at what your really accomplishing. You create an artificially inflated value weed is worth more ounce for ounce than GOLD. Making it an extremely important underground market for drug lords to control which means killing! And that’s only one reason marijuana prohibition is a bad idea it’s incredible in this day in age we can still be so naive. Definitely lost my vote.

  • Coffee Pot

    they say in CO that smokin weed is 500 an ounce. So does that mean the illegal stuff is more than that?
    So how many fatties can you roll out of one ounce?
    And why do I get the feeling the people that want this the most have no intention of it being just for medicinal purposes?
    I see someone worries about second hand smoke in casino’s, so should we have study on second hand dope smoke in casino’s? Or can you smoke dope anywhere?

  • Coffee Pot

    My favorite slogan: Pot never hurt me…. or second favorite, It’s just pot. But then the ones saying it seem to have no job no car, no house, etc.

  • William Denison

    People need to understand that if we don’t get Braindead out of office Iowans will be forced to wait until atleast 2020 for med cannabis. We would have to wait 4 more years until King Terry leaves office and then it would take another 2 years or so for things to get up and running in the state.So are we going to let the can be kicked down the road for another 6 years?Is it fair everyone else in the US to have it and not us?

  • Bart

    won’t happen William.
    most people don’t really follow the issues & vote by name recognition.
    what we need is someone with a name like Santa Clause.
    there are only 2 ways out:
    1. T Braindead has a heart attack after the EPA flushes corn-ethanol down the toilet in about a month from now.
    2. we can only hope his son crashes into the ol man coming home from a drunk night out.

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