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CANCER BATTLE: Justin Chey In Hospice Care

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A Des Moines teen who drew national attention for his battle against cancer is now in hospice care.

For much of his young life, 13-year-old Justin Chey cared for his grandparents while his mother worked. Now, Justin is getting the care at a Hospice in Des Moines. Justin’s mother says the cancer has spread throughout his body and doctors can’t do any more to help him. She says Justin doesn’t even know how serious his condition is.

"I want to tell him the truth right now, but I just don't know what to explain to him because I don't want him to lose all his hope right now." Kelly Chey explains, "The way that he said it he's going to beat this cancer and try to stay strong. I don't know what else to say. It's kind of hard for me to explain and tell him, you know, what's going to happen next here, you know? What he's facing in front of him right now."

Kelly Chey recently lost the job she has held for the past 17-years as a custodian for Lincoln High School. A fund has been set up for the Cheys at Edco Community Credit Union.


  • Sarah Schminke

    My concern is the loss of Kelly’s job. How could she be an employee for 17 years at Lincoln High School and then be ‘let go’ when she needs time off to be with her DYING SON….c’mon Lincoln…..LIVE UP TO YOUR NAME……Don’t think Abe would have been so heartless. This family needs HELP!!! Yes we are donating some money to Kelly, but the cash people donate will certainly end…..she will need her job when this horrific event has ended for her and her family. HAVE A HEART!!!

    • Ishmale Whale

      Sarah Schminke, the loss of her job is probably a product of Obama care and being close to being vested for 20 years of work for retirement. The health care is too much for the employer, and dumping her before retirement kicks in is a cost saver.

      • PD

        Your attempt to use this sad occasion to bash Obama is heartless, and nonsensical to boot. Do you really want to make the claim that a school system, which draws its funds from public money and likely provides its employees a health insurance plan, fired this lady because of the Affordable Healthcare Act? Seriously?

      • Ishmale Whale

        PD, I understand your sentiment on this tragic event and Obama care…But it is a fact that “some” employers are trimming down their work force, and cutting full time hours down to part time hours to avoid having to pay for health care. “If your happy with your health care coverage, you can keep it”??? Millions have had their policies cancelled and the new one offered costs a LOT more than what they were paying. Justin Chey is only one of many that we don’t hear about.

  • heeeeee

    Because chemotherapy is very expensive as a treatment option, the neurosurgeon(s) involved should examine different treatment options. For example, since he has been diagnosed with a type of Neuroblastoma (specifically Medulloblastoma), chromosome 6 and/or chromosome 17 may hold the key to his treatment. Key receptors such as CNR1 may play a vital role in assisting him heal and recover.



    Please read the publications in the links above and move forward in that direction. Study the endocannabinoid system in great detail. Justin and many others depend on your ability to do the right thing. While it may not be common nor convenient, steps must be taken if doctors believe they are out of options. It may be advisable to get a second opinion as far as treatment goes. Please consider all options and good luck and positive progress will follow!

    • Ishmale Whale

      I agree Kristy, but if any of the new health care laws had any effect on what happened here…Yes, blame should be pointed out. But due to medical record discloser laws, no one will ever know all the reasons.

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