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MEDICAL POT: Pharmacy Board Won’t Change Rules

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The Iowa Board of Pharmacy will not change its rules to reclassify marijuana as a drug that can be used for medical purposes.

The board made its decision Wednesday morning, denying a petition filed by Maria La France. Her son Quincy suffers from seizures that began when he was five-months-old. Traditional prescription drugs have not helped.

“Sick Iowans do not know they need medical cannabis until it is too late until their lives are already destroyed,” says La France.

The board is expected to released more information about its decision Wednesday afternoon.


  • William Denison

    Hugh win for the drug cartels. I’m starting to wonder if our own governor isn’t on the cartels payroll maybe gettin alittle kick back. Anything is possible. Why else is he bending over backwards to keep them in charge and in business?

  • For the people by the people

    How out of touch can Iowa’s governing body be? They should be ashamed of themselves

  • Cindy

    Well it looks like the governor got to the board just like he did years ago for his son to keep him from being charged with vehicular homicide. Makese sick I won’t be voting for him!!!!

    • William Denison

      The cost to Eric Branstad for killing those two people was a $15.00 fine. Thats $7.50 for each of those folks lives. About the cost of two number twos at the drive up window.

  • Ishmale Whale

    I agree Cindy, with this governor and his family having issues with alcohol abuse and drunk driving…he is in no way a person of high character to be making decisions on any substance use. Recently it was proven he can’t even follow the states own speed limits. And the person who made a fuss about it lost his job.

  • Edward Waterson

    Gov.Branstad has lost my vote. I will pray for the sick of this state that someday they may find comfort and peace. Please speak to your church members,friends and family to get their help and maybe change their minds. I’m 71 years old and find nothing wrong with this. People are hurting.

  • educated

    this woman obviously doesn’t know what marijuana does to a young brain that hasn’t finished developing yet, 18-19 years of age is about how old you are when your frontal cortex finishes its development. giving your kid marijuana at that young of age will severely impair his brain development and health. idiots. most all of you are uneducated idiots.

    • William Denison

      You have not a clue what your talking about which makes you the biggest idiot of all.Its People like you that make life so much more harder for others then it has to be. My question to you is why? You strike me as the type that would leave your kids locked in a hot car.

      • educated

        You people are funny. I have a doctorate in neuroscience, and I am a proponent for marijuana legalization for medical and recreational use, just not for kids. and for you Cindy, there are thousands of studies, I would know. thanks for proving my point everyone.

    • tom gall

      Really?! What sort of inpairment do seizures cause. I would suppose that marijuana would be the lesser of those 2 evils. You sadden me with your prejudice. Open your mind some and ket the cobwebs out. Enjoy a gentle breeze.

    • educated

      You”re sending me information from the LA times? hahahaha. bart, I obtain my information from peer reviewed research journals. Do you know what those are? They are publications written by biologist, chemists, doctors, physicists, and individuals who hold doctorates in all sorts of different fields. When they conduct research they write papers about it, then the research is reviewed by other professionals in the industry, When it is determined to be legitimate both in the information it presents, and also how the information was found and the methods of research, then it is published in the journal. You’re using the LA times and a website called truthonpot.com for your information? Young Bart, you have a lot to learn.

  • cindy walraven

    Educated, I hate to say it but doesn’t sound like you have street smarts, Thankfully I have street smarts along with being highly educated. You are entitled to your personal opinion, and we are a country of free speech. However is there a scientific study that has been done to back up your claim that it will slow a child’s development or would cause brain impairment. Beside the studies on rats sorry but no comparison as far as I am concerned. Please share the studies with us. There are other prescription drugs that are already approved that could cause much more serious damage to this child or any of us for that matter. Lets see because you need the approval of the fda to do any human testing and it is an illegal drug there are no scientific studies that say it will damage your brain that have been done on humans. If It helped my sick child I would gladly give it to them. I have severe Small fiber peripheral neuropathy. I have a disease there is no cure for because i have permanent nerve damage. Short of being in a coma nothing helps my pain go away completely Even prescription narcotics. But lets see they can be as addictive as heroin!! So just because it is a prescribed medicine doesn’t make it better. You really should explore what marijuana can do for those also suffering from cancer, nerve damage, seizures etc. It is a much better drug than some of these narcotics or nerve medicines. I take amitriptyline, neurontin, oxycontin and oxycodone for my illness why they help a little they never relive all my pain and symptoms. The side effects are terrible I can’t focus, speak right, dizziness, i forget everything there are too many side effects to list here. I also had Mesh put in to hold my bladder up I have had nothing but problems with it I have had 4 surgeries to try and remove it, but still have some left and all the side effects and pain. I will have them the rest of my life, Mesh was fda approved. It should have been completely pulled of the market, when so many women started having such severe side effects from it however they are still using it. 100’s of 1000’s of women have had major medical issues from it. so before you go calling us uneducated idiots. You should set down and research a little more information about medical marijuana. Why your at it look at the drugs that the FDA has already approved that cause way more harm!!

  • revraygreen (@revraygreen)

    Drinking Liquor at the Polk County GOP Convention? Better Blog About It!-From The Iowa Republican:
    ” 9:08 Good thing my flask is easily hidden.

    9:42 (drink).

    10:13 Whitaker mentions Reagan. Second to praise Ronnie. Drink.

    1:07 Schaben says get rid of Obamacare. Drink.

    1:11 Obamacare. Drink.

    2:57 And the flask is empty.

    5:02 A “we support medical marijuana” plank failed.
    –Live Blog: Polk County GOP http://weedpress.wordpress.com/2014/03/09/drinking-liquor-at-the-polk-county-gop-convention-better-blog-about-it/

  • Rebecca Hergert

    This woman that is yaking on WOI is saying, ‘I’ll do whatever it takes to save my son’!!
    Then move to Colorado where it’s available & quit WASTING TIME.
    And where is her husband in all of this??

  • Cindy

    This just makes me so mad, Why don’t they change! Apparently because our state government still lives in the stone age oh wait that can’t be right in the stone age it was legal!! More than likely i would say its because our Governor Braindead some how got to them!! Just like he got the state trooper fired for speaking out about his speeding, He also was able to save his son from vehicular manslaughter when he hit a car head on and killed 2 people!! I cannot believe people keep voting for this idiot!! 67% of iowans believe the law should be changed!! I know I am not voting for him!!

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