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CLIMATE CHANGE: Sen. Whitehouse Calls For Action

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Senator Sheldon Whitehouse visited Des Moines Tuesday fighting for action on climate change.

Last week the Senator led an historic all night, 15-hour session of the US Senate on climate change.

The Rhode Island Democrat was among 31 Senators participating.

Whitehouse came to Des Moines at the invitation of State Senator Rob Hogg of Cedar Rapids.

The Senator says within a couple of years the US has a good chance to have a federal climate bill.

“In two years, as an Iowan said to me, Iowa becomes the political epicenter of the universe,” Sen. Whitehouse says. “So I want to lay the groundwork so when Iowa is the political epicenter of the universe in 2015, we’re putting the candidates on the spot and Iowa is contributing to the success of solving this problem.”

Whitehouse re-affirmed he is not planning to run for president. He says he’s backing Hillary Clinton for the White House.


  • Coffee Pot

    I would be guessing that Warren Buffett needs more govt subsidies? I believe more in the Easter Bunny than I do climate change people anymore. They can’t say global warming anymore so they call it climate change, what will it be called in another five years? And just how much money can be made before it hit’s the fan?

    • Drewski

      It has always been global warming and it has always been climate change — one causes the other. The term climate change was in the scholarly literature since the 50s and, of course, there is the IP”CC” which began in the 80s.

      A Bush appointee rallied republicans to use the term “climate change” in 2001 because the term sounded less ominous and, therefore, required less attention. However, the best term is probably “global weirding”.

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