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COUNTING KOOZIE: Locals’ Cool Invention

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The beer industry is about to welcome a new invention thanks to a pair of Des Moines entrepreneurs.

It began as the butt of a family joke. “It’s embarrassing looking," says daughter-in-law, Jenny Richmond, "it is so hilarious.”

Steve Richmond’s nasty old koozie.

“My mother-in-law, Kathy, she has threatened to throw it away a number of times,” Jenny laughs.

But Steve and his relic from the 80s became an inspiration.

“I just randomly asked him one day ‘How many drinks have been through that in its entire lifetime?'" says son, Justin Richmond, "and we kind of jokingly laughed about it and he said ‘You know, I wish I knew!”

Meet the Bev-o-Meter. The world’s first koozie that counts! Each can you slide in; every one it’s ever held.

Patents and development have cost Justin and Jenny Richmond three years of their spare time and…

“Uh…about $25,000,” Jenny admits.

They couldn’t find an American manufacturer and had to settle for one in China.  The first shipment arrives in May.

“It’s a novelty product, I don’t deny that," Justin says. "A lot of times people are going to look at it and say ‘Wow, that’s really cool and unique’ and who knows where they’re going to take it from there.”

So far, so good. Maybe old Steve Richmond will like it, too!

Find out more about the Bev-O-Meter and even pre-order one on the website bevometer.com. They will retail for $10 apiece.

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