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DANCING HOIBERGS: Coach’s Parents Swept Up

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There are just sixteen coaches left dancing.

One of them is going across the social media floor. Iowa State’s Fred Hoiberg -- the cool, buttoned-down Mayor, cutting a rug in the post-game locker room.

The day after the tight victory over UNC it seems everyone is admiring his moves, including Mom and Dad.

Who's responsible? "I knew that I would get the finger on that one!” says father, Eric Hoiberg.

A few minutes with the happy Hoibergs these days and you’d be dancing, too.

“I can just hardly stop smiling," says Hoiberg's mother, Karen. "I just can’t believe the whole thing so far.”

“It just seemed so unreal to me," says Eric, "the whole thing. You know, I’ve never experienced anything like that before.”

Eric and Karen Hoiberg didn’t see Fred play in the NCAA tournament back in the 90s.

“You know at this time of the year," Eric remembers, "it was difficult for us to get away for one reason or another and we just decided that we wouldn’t do it.”

So this time they’re following the Cyclones every step of the way, indulging themselves on the road, and others back in Ames.

“Like when I go to the gym in the morning to do my thing," says Eric, "I spend maybe half the time working out but the other half discussing Iowa State basketball.”

They’ll head out with the team on Wednesday and hope that it all continues -- the fun, the pride and especially the dance.


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