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SUSPECT CAUGHT: Man Pulls Gun In Courthouse

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WINTERSET, Ia. — Officials say a man unhappy with the sentencing for his drug convictions pulled a gun at the Madison County Courthouse in Winterset Monday morning, then fled from law enforcement.

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office says Cory Daugherty objected to the 10 year sentence a judge handed down and began yelling in the courtroom. A deputy approached in an attempt to calm him down, but Daugherty pulled out a .38 Special handgun from his pants. The deputy tried to cuff Daugherty but he got away. The deputy then tased Daugherty but he kept running and jumped down a flight of stairs, exiting the courthouse.

More officers were called in to search for Daugherty and he was located later by a sheriff’s deputy who took him into custody at gunpoint. No weapons were found on Daugherty when he was arrested but a search of the area turned up the .38 Special and a Ruger 9mm handgun in a nearby dumpster.

Daugherty now faces additional charges for Monday’s escape.

He has been charged with interference with official acts, felon in possession of a firearm, escape or attempted escape from custody and assault on a peace officer-while displaying a firearm.

The Madison County Courthouse does not have a metal detector at its entrance.


  • John

    More than 7 out of every 1,000 people in America is in prison. A higher percentage than any other civilization in history. We have criminals writing and enforcing evil laws that put decent people in prison. This must change.

  • Robert Sinclair

    I reside in this town and always wondered y there is no metal detectors. The county needs to put them in asap to avoid this whole situation ever again. Scary to get a text from my kids school saying its in lockdown when im at work!

    • Bill

      I too live in Winterset (and have kids in the elementary school) and I’m not sure how/where you’d fit metal detectors and x-ray machines in the building but in any event it would make the courthouse completely unusable given its layout. Let’s not go bananas over one isolated incident, especially since my taxes are already high enough.

      • Carmen Borden

        you must be smoking what this idiot was smoking. to suggest its not fesible to put metal detectors in a courthouse is assinine. would you still be making that argument had he actually shot and killed someone. don’t be a J.A.

    • Jeremy Goemaat

      I also live in Madison County. We do not need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for metal detectors (and never-ending salaries for operators!) for an isolated incident where NO-ONE was hurt. You going to put one at all 4 entrances and have them staffed all day??? Give me a break.

      He could just as easily have pulled a gun at the metal detector/entrance or waited until some attorney or judge leaves the building to pull a gun. You going to put metal detectors all over the town center now?

      Laws regarding conceal carry are already getting too complicated to remember and vary state-by-state and by municipality already.

      He broke the law, great deal with that, but quit proposing new mandates that don’t prevent crime, cost most tax dollars and punish the 99.99% that are honest. So 1 of 8,000 residents of the county one time in history pulls a gun in the courthouse and everyone has to give up our rights forever AND even pay for it with our taxes?

      See how gun ownership and homicides are linked on this map:

      • Randy Johnson

        What rights? When does a citizen need to carry a firearm into a courthouse? If the Sheriff only has 3 to 5 deputies he probably doesn’t have the manpower to provide security. But my hunch he has plenty more staff than that. How about those deputies who only get paid 1 dollar a year. Our county uses deputies like that, I bet he has that option also.

    • Bill

      I love all of the people commenting on how to best secure the Madison County courthouse (“MY county courthouse does this, why can’t YOU?”) when they obviously have no idea how it’s built. You have to understand that this courthouse was built in 1876. The per floor square footage is relatively small. Internally it’s built in a “+” shape, which means four entrances/exits to monitor. Internal office entrance doors are immediately inside so you’d have no room for security in depth. This building is also on the NRHP so modifying it to accommodate modern security practices would likely be infeasible.

      As for the sheriff, he has 5 deputies, period. Look it up. Your “hunch” is incorrect. This information is readily available. Google it. Or Bing it. You can even Bing it.

      Signed, the JA

      • Randy Johnson

        Your county courthouse is not unique in design. According to your Sheriff’s webpage, your county has 6 deputies. 5 or 6 what is the difference? Do you have special deputies who work for a much reduced rate? Your Sheriff”s website does not mention any but it could be an option. Look, I don’t like what we have to do to be safe in our airports, schools, and even our courtrooms, but unfortunately it is the age in which we live in.

  • J.D.

    I happen to know Mr. Daugherty relatively well. I also feel that at no time was the public at large or individuals at the court house, ever in any real danger by Mr. Daugherty’s extreme actions. Yes, he may have went about protesting his unfair sentence the wrong way, and without much logic. But then Cory lived his life in a grand spectacle type of manner. If he was actually going to use the weapon, people would be injured or dead. Instead not a shot was fired, until law enforcement felt the need to. And although I dont agree with Cory’s actions, a ten year sentence for an individual who used drugs behind closed doors, basically hiding away from society, does seem harsh to me. Considering there are sexual preditors who steal the innocence from children and receive shorter sentences. I assume madison county will control the propaganda to over-dramatize the situation to receive some amount of public notice, and receive extra tax grant money to be spent on “public saftey” needlessly.

    • unknown

      unfair my butt…cory needs to be locked up, 10yrs was light for everything he’s done. corys a burden to society, he deserves everything thats coming to him, and i say this because i know cory a hell of alot better then you by far i gaurentee….

    • bdouble

      When a gun is being pulled are you confident its not going to get used? And how would one know that? Law enforcement should have plugged him given the scenario.

    • Bob

      “Yes, he may have went about protesting his unfair sentence the wrong way”

      yup, pulling a gun in the courtroom is not the most prudent protest

      some people might get the wrong idea, and not understand that you are a harmless gentle person

    • Mary

      You may know this person and don’t think that he was going to intentionally hurt someone but how does everyone else in that courtroom know that?? If a person is bringing a firearm to court and not afraid to show it, then I say he wasn’t afraid to use it if backed in a corner.

    • rscalzo

      He carried and displayed a handgun after sentencing. Lucky he wasn’t in a bigger court setting as he’d be carried out onto an ER or morgue.

  • Happy He's Gone

    Cory is a dangerous person and wouldn’t hesitate to hurt whoever got in his way. he deserves a hell of a lot more time than he will ever get. I know I will sleep a little better knowing he’s off the street for a long time. Hopefully he wont get out until he’s real old. We the people are now a little safer with him off the streets. Hope to never see him again.

  • fran

    his drug of choice was meth, how he reacted in court shows he’s probable still doing the meth. He may have a good heart in there somewhere but not until the meth is out of it.

  • William Denison

    Meth is what people really need to be worried about.Worse drug ever. Kid is lucky he didn’t get a clip unloaded on him.

  • Gary Purdy

    Felons cannot own guns, so how did he get 2. That should be checked out. Then when he pulled one, screw the Taser, the deputy should have
    been using a 357 mag,45 acp, or a 44 mag, then he would have stopped, dead in his tracks. End of story. Saved the taxpayers a lot of money. What kind of idiot carries a gun to the courthouse on judgement day.

    • Bill

      I’d guess they were already in his possesion or he got them from a family member. It’s kind of the same question as “How do addicts get thousands of dollars to support this habit when they have no visible means of income?” They find a way. As for the outcome, I can’t second guess the deputy – he was there and we weren’t, and his way ended up with no one dead. I admire his restraint as I’d have dropped him.

      • Udontnome

        He had problems b4 drugs ! He started using in middle school and it’s sad! He was a meth iv user , so sad! Also has had anger issues for years! Dad has paid his way out of trouble many times ! He ripped off and scammed people ! Knowles is an aquantinance of his! Rumers went around that both had somthing to do with with that older couple!

  • Rebecca Hergert

    These rural court-houses are not safe!!
    I would suggest bullet proof glass booth around the judge’s bench!
    Security guard/camera’s/Metal Detectors & take it out of Branstad/Wahlert’s salary!!
    I can’t do it all here people!! Figure it out!!

  • Carmen Borden

    talk about an idiot savant. if he thought 10 years was bad, wait until he gets sentenced for this… LOL. this has made my day. by the way, where are all the racist comments? just like i thought.

  • Jake

    J.D. you must be a democrat or a republican either way I am simply an American! Maybe you and Mr. Doughtery do that dope together, hell you sound like you may have even given him the firearms!?! My America may have over populated prisons but that’s one less SOB that gets away with ‘doing drugs behind closed doors’!

  • Concerned Citizen

    I, too, live in this small town and I can only say one thing.But by the grace of God someone wasn’t hurt or killed today! It wasn’t if this was going to happen, but when. I’ve gone into that court house a hundred times, more often then not, with my children. To vote, to renew my license, to take my children in to get their permits and driver’s licenses. Coming from a large city before moving here, I’ve often wondered myself why there isn’t better security at the court house. You can’t even enter the social security office in a neighboring town without passing through an armed guard, so why doesn’t the court house in the county seat have better precautions in place? I have several dear friends who work in that court house, what happens next time some guy’s upset about his taxes or someone’s foreclosing on his house? Not to mention the convicted felons high on illegal drugs, drugs that make you paranoid by the way. What happens when they pull out a gun and kill everyone in their way? It happens every day and we should count ourselves darn lucky it didn’t happen there today, thank God. I, too love the small town feeling of our beautiful city but we have big city problems, just like everyone else, so we’re going to have to address it.

  • Happy Person

    He should have been in jail along time ago. He is not a nice person with or without drugs. Now maybe family members won’t be able to pay off someone for this one. About time they finally did something with him and hopefully they will throw away the key.

  • unknown

    You guys are stupid. If somebody was gonna go to courthouse with intentions of shooting someone the metal detectors are uselss if you walk in door with blazin. The fact that he was an iv userhas nothing to do with it. Sober people commit crimes and actually murder people too

  • nope

    ive known cory my whole life i went to adel desoto minburn and grew up going to his fathers auctions every weekend buying hotdogs from that ladys trailer, GOOD TIMES!! too bad he didnt see how good his life was

  • marge stepp

    “Judgement is mine say’th the lord” I was charge for OWI and i don’t drink or use drugs. The courts are not for the people. I’m glad he shook up some idots. To bad it wasn’t Polk County Court House. I was innocent. But now I have a record. My life is affected forever and I was in a car accident with a head concussion. Instead they assumed I was on drugs, I’m 48 years old and never had a speeding ticket now I am a criminal. Way to go Cory.

  • MCK

    I don’t know Cory personally, I have seen him around town many times. He was always very nice and curteous. I have lived in my neighborhood for eight years with three children. Within a two block radius there is three sex offenders. I would rather live in a neighborhood full of Cory’s instead of the one I have now. My children are prisoners in their own home while these perverts walk free. I even purchased extra home security to help protect them. It’s sad that my children even feel scared and cannot relax enough to be care free. A childhood is treasured until the sex offender takes it forever. They also get the children they live around just by being there. Sex offenders get two years sentence, drug offenders 10. If you rob a bank, 25 years. More value is placed on money, then drugs, and last our children. Colorado legalized drugs. CORY IF YOU JUST WOULD HAVE PAID TAXES……

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