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Iowa students averaged 52-percent, a solid F, when it comes to knowing how to manage personal finances. A few weeks ago, we revealed those sobering test scores.

Now, an expert warns the problem grows far worse when those students leave for college. Adam Carroll is an author, speaker, and financial researcher. He's on a mission to make people see that a four-year degree won’t necessarily make your child financially stable and it could make them broke.

Carroll sat down with Channel 13’s Dan Winters for ‘Three Minutes in the Chair.'


  • John

    ok when did WHO get in the habit of fundraising for hacks. How did this guy get in the chair? If this is his outlook then fine he can send his 3 kids to trade school. I am going to guess that his kids are better than that he was just giving advise for other peoples kids. I am going to give my kids the best and most education I can afford to provide. Mr Carroll can take his opion and beg for money elsewhere.

  • Davis Folkerts

    I believe Mr. Carroll has a valid point. I am not going to support him, either because it seems to me his objectivity has to be rather compromised by his being employed by a Community College. I noticed, Dan, that you have also had the President of DMACC in the three-minute chair. Let’s be fair! Iowa has many fine liberal arts colleges as well as the three state universities all of which have articulate spokes-persons who deserve the same coverage. My wife and I enjoy the three-minute segments very much and regard ourselves loyal listeners. Thank you for a great news/weather team!

  • defolkerts2014d

    I was wrong about Mr. Carroll’s employment and apologize for the misinformation. I stand by my hope that equal time be given to representatives of our liberal arts colleges and state universities.

  • speed

    I think your missing the point! Adam isn’t speaking out agains 4 year universities one bit! He is saying be smart, be educated, and know what you are paying for. He wants to educate on smart loan borrowing so students come out after 2 or 4 years and expect the high interest rates they took on, the debt that they are going to carry, and have a plan of action to be ahead of the game. He is speaking out saying that a 4 year degree MAY not be necessary to fulfill the dreams you have. Do you want to be an chemist, doctor, astronaut, teacher, military officer, lawyer, nurse, professor? Okay a 4 year degree is a great path for you!

    Do you want to be a writer, electrician, financial consultant, plumber, photographer, event planner, business owner, fundraiser, military member, pilot. A 4 year degree may not benefit you for the cost. What is your investment return on the education you choose? Think about it!

  • Stefanie Carter

    As a soon to be mother of 3 and someone still fighting to pay off my student loans I applaud Mr. Carroll for his advice to his children, and future generations, which is to be financially aware of what they are getting into when it comes to higher education. Far too many people apply for student loans without understanding and being educated on what the future implications will be. How can raising awareness on such an important issue be a bad thing?

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