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MEDICAL CANNABIS: Proposed Legislation Announced

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It's been a fight all session, trying to legalize medical marijuana for Iowa families.

“A mom never stops fighting for her child,” says Kim Novy of Altoona.

Novy wants her children to have access to a form of medical cannabis oil.
Her 12 year old twins suffer from Dravet Syndrome a rare form of epilepsy. She says their current medication isn't helping.

“Right now they take three seizure medications they've been on as much as five, these seizure medications have stopped their ability to learn, if you give them too many medications it causes more seizures the side effects are horrible,” syas Novy.

Wednesday, Sen. Jack Hatch proposed legislation that would allow parents of epileptic children to travel across state lines to get medical cannabis and bring it back to Iowa without being penalized.

“It`s their courage that makes this an easy opportunity for us to go a little bit further when it comes to establishing and pushing a treatment and protecting them from any legal problems that they might have in trying something new,” says Sen. Hatch.

April Stumpf says something new is exactly what her 21 month old daughter Quinn needs.
Quinn started having seizures when she was born and her current medication is causing too many negative side-effects.

“You lose who your child is and what that personality is doesn't come out anymore. She`s such a beautiful and amazing daughter that I want the best for her and I don`t want these blinding side effects or effects to her kidneys and liver,” says Stumpf of Riverside.

Both moms believe a form of cannabis-oil is the answer, but getting there will be an uphill battle.

“I want to step up awareness and talk and touch everyone I can,” says Stumpf.

Unlike prior medical marijuana legislation, this proposal is seeing more bi-partisan support.
However, it will need the governor's signature to pass. Governor Branstad has said he will veto any legislation that would allow marijuana to be prescribed as medicine.


  • William Denison

    People need to understand we here in Iowa are no longer moving forward with the rest of the nation but instead Iowans are losing ground on the cannabis issue as long as we have Branstad and Reyolds in office. Its real simple….vote them out!

  • Bart

    good riddance braindead branstad.
    by the way ol braindead’s progressive parkinson’s appears he will be begging for the miracle weed.

  • William Denison

    We here in this state should not be cherry picking who gets help and who don’t. Its troubleing to see people say I need it for my kid. More or less saying they don’t care about anyone elses illness. Iowans don’t turn their backs on others. Don’t pass judgement on anyone thats ill…Hows that? I’m not even a christian.

  • Sally

    We have been at the Capitol advocating nearly every day of this session for every disease state. If this all they are willing to do…don’t blame us, call yyour legislators and the Governor and let your voice be heard.

  • jennifer

    When I was younger I used to respect the governer but the older I get the more I see hes a selfish, scandalizing, closed minded, piece of crap politition. Does he not see the parents of these sick children begging for help bc the harsh chemicals in the medicines perceived to the sick people arnt helping, but making people sicker!!! He is a parent his self..hes more concerned with covering up the unemployment issues & other scandals hoes caused in iowa…anyone who supports him, including the media for continuously “candy coating” his actions should be ashamed of themselves!!! Spend a few minutes with the sick kids then see how you feel!!!

  • revraygreen (@revraygreen)

    this will be interesting how they get this provision through seeing how much Federal red tape there is,patients will need to be a registered medical marijuana patient here in Colorado just to purchase any medical product that includes CBD oil.

  • revraygreen (@revraygreen)

    there were a number of us who showed up for years, many of us were active, admitted, daily marijuana users with ailments from Cancer,MS, many others … in 2009 102+ Iowans came forward in four cities, I was at all four. Since then the core has moved to Colorado where we are safe.

  • Coffee Pot

    Growing evidence is showing that marijuana may be particularly harmful for young people: It may cause long-term or even permanent impairment in cognitive ability and intelligence when used regularly during adolescence, when the brain is still developing. There is also some evidence that marijuana use during pregnancy may be associated with neurological problems in babies and impaired school performance later in childhood. Another safety concern is that, contrary to common belief, marijuana can be addictive: About 9% of people who try marijuana will become addicted to it. The number goes up to about 1 in 6 among people who start using marijuana as teenagers, and to 25-50% among daily users.

    If it helps people fine, I have no problem with it, but it still is no magic cure for everybody.
    The problem is 90 percent that want this have no medical problem, they just want pot legal.

    • revraygreen (@revraygreen)

      Pot-smoking students better at school than ‘marginalized’ tobacco-smoking peers- Andrea Janus,
      Published Tuesday, March 25, 2014 12:37PM EDT
      Students who only smoke marijuana do better at school than classmates who smoke just tobacco, or who smoke both tobacco and pot, says a new study, which tracked substance use among teens over 30 years.

      Researchers from the University of Toronto’s Dalla Lana School of Public Health analyzed data from a survey administered to nearly 39,000 Ontario students between 1981 and 2011. The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health asked students in Grades 7, 9 and 11 about their tobacco and marijuana use, and their academic performance.

      The study found that marijuana-only users did better at school than their counterparts who smoked only cigarettes or who smoked both cigarettes and marijuana. However, the findings reflect the fact that fewer students smoke tobacco today compared to 30 years ago, and those that do make up a very “marginalized, vulnerable” population, says lead study author Michael Chaiton, assistant professor in epidemiology and public health policy.

      About 92 per cent of tobacco users also use marijuana, the study found. However, only 25 per cent of marijuana uses also smoke tobacco.

      “It’s better relatively,” Chaiton says of marijuana-only users’ academic performance.

      • salted snail

        I would not of graduated from high school if it wasn’t for useing cannabis. It was the only way I could stand even being there. I smoked, went to class then on to my job after school and so far have had a great life.

    • salted snail

      Wouldn’t be nice to have it be there for you when you or a family member might need it? Its not about be able to get pot. Thats as easy as going thru a drive up window these days.

  • Dan

    This needs to happen now! From what I’ve seen, most of the resisitence (including the governor) is coming from the least educated on this important medical issue. Our legislators should have an open mind on issues and at least take the time to educate themselves or get voted out. If any of these sick kids were in the Branstad family tree, this would have happened a long time ago

    • William Denison

      Dan you said that if Branstads kids were sick it would of happen long ago. .Your right but then it would of been covered up with hush money and bullying.

  • revraygreen (@revraygreen)

    Texas: Research Confirms Legalizing Medical Marijuana Does Not Increase Crime 3/25/14- Yet More Proof Fears of Legalization Remain Unfounded in Science
    Researchers at the University of Texas Dallas on Wednesday published an article in PLOS ONE that indicates that despite opponents’ fears, legalizing medical marijuana does not increase crime and may actually lower some types of violent crime.
    The study examined FBI Uniform Crime Report statistics on murder, rape, assault, robbery, burglary, larceny and auto theft from all 50 states, including 11 states that legalized medical marijuana during the course of the study, over a 17 year period from 1990-2006. Controlling for confounding factors, they found no increases in any category of offense and even saw a slight decrease in homicides and assaults.
    The study is reminiscent of a University of Chicago study that came out last year showing that, despite opponents’ warnings about increases in unsafe driving behaviors, legalizing medical marijuana was associated with a drop in traffic fatalities.

  • Paul Updike

    Its funny to see a govenor against MMJ especially after his own son killed someone Drunk driving and OD on pills. Our govenor does not have the mental capacity for MMJ and is to busy hiding money he used on Hush programs and defending himself for being a Bully against a gay employee btw he’s up to $500k on that defense. Here in Iowa the percent for Legalization is @ 81% by polls so if anyone believes he’s here for the people of Iowa you are kidding yourself. The use of MMj would make rapid declines in Pill over doses and also help every person with chronic pain from surgery to PTSD to Neurological disorders. Imagine if you could have your mom dad friends and family back from what Methodone opiates and perscription medications have done to them mentally.

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