CASTRATION NATION: Colbert’s A Fan Of Joni Ernst

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Iowa candidate for U.S. Senate Joni Ernst is getting a lot of national attention for a recent campaign ad about cutting pork in Washington.

Tuesday night Jimmy Fallon had some fun with Ernst’s “Squeal” ad in his monologue. In the ad, Ernst talks about growing up in Iowa and castrating pigs.

Now, Stephen Colbert is weighing in on the ad. On Wednesday night’s Colbert Report Stephen talked about the GOP’s choice of more “credibile-er” candidates and showed his support for the candidate.

“Joni, you had me at castration.”


  • William Denison

    Whats that sound I’m hearing? Oh its the sound of the rest of the nation laughing at us. As always. Thanks Joni, you knuckle head.

  • Oh my my

    I want you to squeal like a little pig. SQUEAL!!! SQUEAL!!!! Squeal like a little piggy.. boy!!! SQUEAL!!!! Welcome to IOWA or a river bank with hillbillies near you.

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