CHARGES PENDING: Jasper County Shooting

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The Jasper County Sheriff’s Office says criminal charges are pending in connection with an accidental shooting.

The shooting happened Friday afternoon. Deputies from the sheriff’s office and Newton police officers were called to the Skiff Hospital in Newton at 2:12 on a report of a man being treated for a non-life threatening gunshot wound to the leg.

In an interview, the man reported he had been shot by someone else in rural Jasper County. He provided a description of two suspects and a vehicle they had left the scene in. Those descriptions were broadcast to local law enforcement and they tried to locate the vehicle.

During the investigation officers determined the victim had accidentally shot himself and there was no one else involved.

The investigation into the incident is continuing and charges are pending against the man. His name is not being released at this time.


      • Brittius

        Simple, it indicates a misuse of a firearm. I am pro-Second Amendment as Constitutional Carry, and to balance reports and to be fair, I re-post items found where it indicates anything out of the norm, such as crime, as I am a retired cop, and the incident is something that police will handle on a regular basis. While I support people’s right to keep and bear arms, I want people to THINK, and to be Mature and Responsible. Criminals, have no regard for any law and why have everyone else suffer for it? The article has A) a weapon was discharged; B) an individual was wounded by a projectile exiting the muzzle of a firearm; C) a false police report was filed; D) accidental/unintended discharge of a firearm is not necessarily a crime but, when added to a false police report, it becomes Chargeable as a crime. Classification becomes crime with a firearm.

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