NATIONAL ATTENTION: Jasper Co. Cold Case TV Show Airs

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The cold case arrest of 53-year old Theresa Supino received nationwide attention Friday.

Supino is charged with two counts of first degree murder dating back to March 3rd, 1983 when 17-year old Melisa Gregory and 20-year old Steven Fisher were found beaten to death at the Copper Dollar Ranch in rural Jasper County.

Despite a lengthy investigation, the case went unsolved for 31-years. That changed when TNT’s "Cold Justice" got involved with the case.

The TV show's work led to Supino's arrest on March 3rd of this year.

“This case has hung over this town for 31 years, Jasper County sheriff’s office has never given up on this case and we're optimistic we can do something to move it forward this week,” show cast member and Texas prosecutor, Kelly Siegler said.

The one week was all “Cold Justice” needed despite 31-years of investigation by the Jasper County sheriff’s office and the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation.

See the 'chummy' email exchange

The show’s producers were given access to past interviews, video of the crime scene and were allowed to take part in additional witness interviews including one with Theresa Supino.

“I'm not a liar, I never have been a liar, so I don’t appreciate you sitting there accusing me of being one,” Supino is heard saying during Friday’s airing of the show.

When told she is the prime suspect, Supino replies, “I always have been.” Adding, “I didn't do it.”

Despite Supino's denials, “Cold Justice” was able to locate a witness who claimed she admitted to the murders.

“We were just sitting there talking one day about having bad husbands and she said that she had killed somebody,” former colleague, Allison Simmons told the show.

That statement was used in the application for Theresa Supino's arrest warrant.

The Jasper County sheriff's office coordinated with “Cold Justice” so their cameras were on hand for her arrest.

Jasper County prosecutors say the case likely won't be tried in Jasper County because, they say, the case is well known and not because of the pretrial publicity generated by the “Cold Justice” show.


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