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SPEED CAMERAS: Windsor Heights Releases Data

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Windsor Heights mobile speed unit. (WHO-HD)

Windsor Heights police say more than 5,000 people were cited by its automated traffic cameras in 2013.

Officials released the numbers Friday for its two mobile speed units. About 450 drivers were caught going 21 mile per hour over the speed limit or more. However, most of the citations were for lower speeds.

The cameras brought in more than $259,000. Forty-percent of that went back to the operating company. The rest of the money went to pay for new police equipment and to finance a lawsuit against the DOT concerning traffic cameras. That lawsuit was just recently dropped.

Officials say the cameras have helped reduce the number crashes in the city by seven-percent. Speed-related crashes are also down by 16-percent.


  • Brittius

    There is no issue concerning revenues obtained from fines, but communities every now and then, remove the cameras or petition to have the cameras removed, as there is no benefit to safety or reducing motor vehicle accidents. No happy middle ground there, because only a cop, in a marked patrol car, will have people thinking. Especially, if the cop is tall, lean, and driving a car marked, “Highway Patrol”. It has a certain way, of smartening people up. Cameras bring in revenue to politicians. Cops, reduce speeding with proactive enforcement.

  • John

    Wh can do whatever they want and justify what ever they need . I and others I know of have made a decision not to frequent any busines in WH or on Hickman in Clive to avoid the camera traps. The little revenue the city is seeing cannot offset the loss in business revenues that I and others that avoid those areas lose annually. eventually business and city will figure this out.

  • Ryan

    I refuse to do business in Windsor Heights. I live 1 mile north in Urbandale, and will drive out of my way to make sure not $1 goes into that city.

  • aCoolerHead

    I drive the speed limit and do business wherever I please, including areas that have speed cameras.

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