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STRONGER SECURITY: Courthouse Gun Scare Prompts Reviews

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The Madison County Board of Supervisors is looking for ways to beef up security at the courthouse.

Safety concerns were prompted after authorities say a man smuggled two guns into the courthouse Monday.

“He walked into this court room with two loaded handguns. I don’t understand how that happened to be quite honest,” says District Judge, Randy Hefner.

The gun scare was not taken lightly. Friday morning, three district judges met with the board of supervisors, requesting three ways to help improve security immediately.

They want to create a courthouse wide gun ban, assign a security officer to the courtroom when court is in session and when court isn't in session; the judges still want officers patrolling the area.

Madison county Sherriff, Craig Busch, says his officers are already close to meeting that safety criteria.

District judge, Art Gamble, disagrees.

“Sherriff Busch is not close to that. He hasn’t been close to that for years in this county.”

The County Sherriff’s office stops by courthouse throughout the day but can’t afford to hire a court officer.

“Whatever decisions we make on the court house security were going to have to take from somewhere else whether that`s raising the taxes on citizens or taking that from secondary roads,” say board supervisor, Aaron Price.

The judges also suggested the board look into installing security cameras and metal detectors.

The board will meet next Tuesday to continue the discussion.

Following the incident, the Iowa State Bar Association is calling on all county officials to examine their courthouse security measures. The group's president says we can't wait until a tragedy strikes to take preventative measures. The association wants officials to review a safety and security report on the issue. It was put out by a state task force in 2005.

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