LGBTQ CONFERENCE: 9 Years Of Fighting Bullying

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State lawmakers say anti-bullying legislation is a priority this session, but so far, the House and Senate remains split on how to address it.

The Democrat controlled Senate passed legislation earlier this month entirely along party lines with Republicans voting against the bill arguing it doesn't address all types of bullying or require immediate notification of bullying incidents to parents.

Organizers and speakers of Tuesday's Governor’s Conference on LGBTQ Youth say they aren't waiting for lawmakers.

Bullying needs to be addressed now regardless of the sexual orientation, race, or gender of a student.

"We want to give every kid and every educator a moment to themselves,” said Nate Monson of Iowa Safe School.

In its 9th year, the conference will host 900 students, parents, educators, and community leaders.

Monson says the goal is to provide resources to kids who don't feel like they fit in.

"It's okay to be different. It's great that you are yourself,” Monson told Channel 13 News.
One of those resources will come in the form of a comic book.

“What this story tells is the story of Maya Windsor. She is bullied in school because she has two moms,” said Matt Sinovic, the executive director of Progress Iowa.

Sinovic created the book.

He hopes everyone who reads it, from kids to adult, realizes they can step up against bullying and sees bullying doesn't exist only in the classroom.

"They can learn to stand up against bullying and get exposed to the world around them,” said Sinovic.

The conference is this Tuesday at the Iowa Events Center and starts at 8 AM.

If you want to read the comic book created by Progess Iowa called "Mighty Moxy", click here.




  • William Denison

    Chuck Grassley and Terry Branstad are the two biggest bullies in Iowa.
    Watch video of these guys talking and how they act when they think the camera is not around. Scary.And now we got little Danny Carroll who wants to join in and hate on people. Stop bullying at all ages gentlemen.You people really are the poster childern for bullies.

  • madeleinefrancois

    Our main concern for our children is how to protect our children from bullies. The first thing you can do to help your child deal with bullying at school is to listen to him or her if he or she comes to you with a problem. You can’t help your child to deal with a problem of which you are unaware. And if your child is having problems with school bullies, you listening will mean a lot to him or her. I would like to share this link, about a service on how you can protect your children. You might find it interesting:

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