MAN INJURED: Two Stabbings On The Same Day

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A Des Moines man told police he was stabbed on two separate occasions Sunday.

Police were called to the emergency room at Mercy Hospital on a stabbing around 2:22 a.m. Sunday. Twenty-eight-year-old Corey Williams claimed he had been with a woman at the BP gas station at 2nd and University when a group of men approached them, claiming the vehicle the woman was driving belonged to one of them.

A fight started and Williams was stabbed in the back. Friends took him to the hospital for treatment.

Williams told police he didn’t know the man who stabbed him but described him as a light-skinned black male with dreadlocks.

Police were again called to Mercy Hospital at 11:00 p.m. the same day after Williams returned claiming he’d been stabbed again. He told police the men he’d been involved in a fight with earlier that day had come to 246 Franklin and another fight happened. Williams suffered more stab wounds.

Police say Williams was uncooperative.

The investigation into the stabbings continues.


  • Libya Think Tank

    If smoke damage from the Younker’s fire ruined your day, you’re still better off than this guy.

    Unless you got stabbed twice, 15 hours apart. Police were called twice to the Mercy Emergency Room, early in the morning and late at night.

    If that’s not enough, police say the victim is “…uncooperative.”

    This guy needs to learn when the party’s over.

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