NEW OFFICES: Younkers’ Neighbors Adapt

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People who worked near the old Younkers building have had to adapt finding temporary locations to set up shop.

The Greater Des Moines Partnership has set up a temporary location in the Ruan Center. About half of the Partnership`s employees are working in the new office today, while the other half are working from home.

The space is a little larger than what the 40 plus employee operation needs, but officials say they`re just grateful they found a place to use on such short notice.

Because most of the company`s work is done online, officials say moving has been relatively simple.

The other half of the employees should be moved in by Tuesday.

"We`re operating under the impression that it`s going to be weeks at least and we`re just getting everything we need available," the Partnership's Susan Ramsey says.

The EMC building was closed to workers on Monday. The workplace was cleaned, broken windows were replaced with plywood and cracked windows were sealed with a safety glazing material.