NEW RESTAURANT: Local Chef & KISS Singer Set For ‘Burger Venture’

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A local chef says he is joining forces with a rock legend to bring a new restaurant to Des Moines.

On Twitter, George Formaro, the man behind Zombie Burger, Centro and Django announced he is teaming up with Gene Simmons of KISS for a new venture called “KISS Burger.”

Formaro says he met Simmons in 2012, pitched the idea and within a few hours “hammered out the menu and overall concept.”

On the restaurant’s Twitter page it lists an opening date of spring 2015 and a sneak peek of a menu item.

Other items include the Rock and Roll Over and the Beth Burger.

More details are set to be released on April 1st. Do you think it’s an April Fools joke or a real venture?

***UPDATE: You can find the answer to that question here.***


  • wes

    Involving yourself with the diva… I mean demon, amid all the childish cap at the rock n roll hall of fame is dumb. But then again not surprised, as none of his other restaurants are any good. (Django, zombie burger, etc) Iowa’s version of LA cuisine is a fail with this guy. All concept no quality.

  • Bruce

    Glad to see Wes can read as well as write soooo well! Lends a Lot of credibility to his statements.

  • John

    Wes Wes Wes… Are you a hipster, vegan/vegetarian, or a unsuccessful restaurant owner, Possibly all of the above? I have a bet with some friends.

  • Beth

    I have not talked to ONE person who doesn’t love Zombie Burger! I don’t really like burgers much, but what a genius idea!!

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