THREE MINUTES: Iowa Insurance Commissioner Nick Gerhart

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It's the controversial website for one of the most controversial government programs ever created. Regardless of how you feel about, millions of Americans need to visit it Monday or face a fine.

Iowa's Insurance Commissioner, Nick Gerhart, was appointed last year by Gov. Terry Branstad. He sits down with Dan Winters to reflect on the Affordable Care Act for three minutes in the chair.


  • William Denison

    Chuck Grassley has been is office for years “to many”. Why are the people who have supported him all this time could not get health care and now that they are he wants to take it away. 50+ votes to take ACA away by Chuck and his buddies. He does not care about us here.We are just numbers on a chart of a very greedy man and a liar.

    • John

      Great insight Will again looking out for us dumb schmucks who do not have your insight. I am soooo proud. You should run for office I bet you could fix all of our problems in one term.

      • Linda

        After all these years one would think Grassley would have done more for all Iowans. He’s for the rich guys who already have health insurance. Oh yeah how much does he pay for his health care?

  • Jayben Smith

    The ACA is nothing but welfare for our medical system– pushed by the rich socialist elites and supported on sites like this by their union goons who are too stupid to see they are being played.

  • Michael Sharpe

    I think the interviewer spent way too much time trying to get the Insurance Commissioner’s opinion of the law (which he did not and should not publicly comment on) instead of trying to spread awareness about the new availability and coverage for the average Iowa citizen (which is the whole point he made the appearance on the show). Iowa is lucky to have such a devoted and smart public servant like Mr. Gerhart. I hope he sticks around awhile!

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