WHO-HD To Broadcast Select Chicago Cubs And White Sox Games

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 WHO-HD announced today that select Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox baseball games will again be broadcast free over-the-air for the 2014 season.  Under an agreement with WGN Sports Baseball Network, the 33-game schedule will be broadcast on WHO 13.3 Antenna TV.  This channel is also available to Mediacom subscribers on channel 13.3 or digital channel 114 for those with a Mediacom Digital tuner.


“We’re excited about this opportunity to provide free and live programming,” says WHO-HD President and General Manager Dale R. Woods.  “Lots of reasons led to this decision including our proximity to Chicago, interest in these teams, our Iowa Cubs, and the opportunity to bring fresh, professional over-the-air programming to our viewers.”

2014 WHO 13.3 Chicago Cubs/White Sox Telecast Schedule

*All Games and Times subject to change

Day & Date Teams Time
Tuesday, April 8 White Sox @ Colorado 7:30 PM
Friday, April 11 White Sox vs. Cleveland 7:00 PM
Tuesday, April 15 White Sox vs. Boston 7:00 PM
Wednesday, April 16 White Sox vs. Boston 7:00 PM
Sunday, April 20 Cubs vs. Cincinnati 1:00 PM
Monday, April 21 White Sox @ Detroit 6:00 PM
Tuesday, April 22 White Sox @ Detroit 6:00 PM
Friday, April 25 White Sox vs. Tampa Bay 7:00 PM
Monday, April 28 Cubs @ Cincinnati 6:00 PM
Tuesday, April 29 White Sox vs. Detroit 7:00 PM
Monday, May 5 White Sox @ Cubs 7:00 PM
Wednesday, May 7 White Sox vs. Cubs 7:00 PM
Monday, May 12 White Sox @ Oakland 9:00 PM
Tuesday, May 13 Cubs @ St. Louis 7:00 PM
Thursday, May 22 White Sox vs. NY Yankees 7:00 PM
Tuesday, May 27 White Sox vs. Cleveland 7:00 PM
Monday, June 9 Cubs @ Pittsburgh 6:00 PM
Wednesday, June 11 White Sox vs. Detroit 7:00 PM
Monday, June 23 Cubs vs. Cincinnati 7:00 PM
Tuesday, June 24 White Sox @ Baltimore 6:00 PM
Thursday, June 26 White Sox @ Toronto 6:00 PM
Monday, June 30 White Sox vs. LA Angels 7:00 PM
Wednesday, July 2 Cubs @ Boston 6:00 PM
Monday, July 7 White Sox @ Boston 6:00 PM
Tuesday, July 8 White Sox @ Boston 6:00 PM
Friday, July 18 White Sox vs. Houston 7:00 PM
Wednesday, August 20 Cubs vs. San Francisco 7:00 PM
Wednesday, August 27 White Sox vs. Cleveland 7:00 PM
Wednesday, September 3 White Sox @ Minnesota 7:00 PM
Wednesday, September 10 White Sox vs. Oakland 7:00 PM
Wednesday, September 17 White Sox @ Kansas City 7:00 PM
Tuesday, September 23 Cubs vs. St. Louis 7:00 PM
Friday, September 26 White Sox vs. Kansas City 7:00 PM



  • Hugo S. LaVia

    Yippee, Cleveland three times. With the sound off,so as to not have to listen to the absolute worst play by play guy in the history of MLB.

  • Niklas

    That’s your opinion, Hugo. There are other die-hard White Sox fans who enjoy listening to The Hawk

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