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MEDICAL MARIJUANA: Branstad Meets With Parents

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Governor Branstad may be softening on his stance against medical cannabis in Iowa.

Last month the governor said he wouldn’t support any legislation that would legalize marijuana for medical use.

However, Tuesday he met with a group of parents who are pushing legislators to legalize a marijuana oil product.

The oil can be used to treat seizures but cannot be used to get high.

Among the parents at the meeting was Maria La France of Des Moines whose 12-year-old son has a seizure disorder. Earlier this year she pleaded with lawmakers to consider legalizing medical cannabis.

La France says Governor Branstad has promised to investigate cannabis oil more by talking to leaders in other states where it is legal.

She says Branstad would be willing to back the plan if he is assured it won’t lead to more drug abuse in Iowa.


  • revraygreen (@revraygreen)

    “He said one of the reasons he is exploring the academic option is because transporting marijuana across state lines is a felony federal offense, but the state could have more leeway to grow it at a research school. Georgia Regents also has long-standing agreements with state health agencies that could be leveraged” –

    so Terry Branstache this is how Georgia plans to do it ..

  • Rebecca Hergert

    My husband says, ‘If Branstad does that, then they are gonna want to smoke it’.
    Give them a inch & then they will take a mile!!

  • someone

    Yeah so kids can with out the propper medicine. What kinda person are you Rebecca? You need to go do some research before you open your sorry excuse of a mouth. It helps with lots of things add, adhd, cancer, just a few. LIquor does more harm than this does. Yet thats legal. WE should have a right to medicate our selves in what ever way WE want. It shouldnt be your choice or Branstads.

    • Matthew

      This is a social injustice! People are being denied a safe and effective medicine. Rebecca, please watch “Weed” and “Weed 2” by Dr, Sanjay Gupta and see if you change your tune. Heck, maybe your husband will change too. And if you need more proof, check out “Run From the Cure” by Rick Simpson. The medicines that are currnetly being used to treat seizures are far more damaging to a childs developing brain than a small dose of cannabis oil daily!!

  • William Deniosn

    Terry Branstad/Kimmy Reynolds are idiots. This cherry picking is only going to make the matter worse.. Our leadership still just does not get it.
    Vote out the GOP!!!!

  • William Deniosn

    Don’t get me wrong its great these kids might get some help. But crapping on everyone else who wants to use cannabis as a med is just so Terry Branstad.He’s not going to stop. Therefore I’m not going to stop.
    Its going to be a long hot summer.

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