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CULVER RESPONDS: Branstad’s Claims ‘Dishonest And Laughable’

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Former Governor Chet Culver weighed in on the settlements scandal Wednesday.

Channel 13 was the first to report on Monday that similar confidential deals were used during the Culver administration. During Culver’s time in office, eight confidential agreements were agreed. During Governor Branstad’s most recent administration, 24 have been approved.

In response, Culver released the following statement:

“It’s dishonest and laughable for Terry Branstad to try and make any comparison whatsoever between 320 settlements, dozens of which were done in secret, costing Iowa taxpayers more than half a million dollars, and a handful of legal agreements, entered into strictly following the state’s formal grievance process. The next thing you know, Terry Branstad will claim I was driving his Chevrolet Tahoe last year when it was doing a ‘hard 90.’”

Legislative hearings into those confidential settlements began Wednesday with some of the former state employees speaking out.

The hearings will continue Thursday with officials from the Department of Administrative Services testifying.


  • William Denison

    How did Reynolds even get picked for LT gov? Just more proof that Branstad does not hire the best people for the job. Shes not only not a leader but I doubt she can even follow.

  • John Anderson

    think it through, if they used money that was supposed to go to specific programs, or really, just back into the general fund, then the agency heads without authority, misappropriated the money (that’s called “stealing” outside of political circles) .

  • Coffee Pot

    Funny how Culver, Judge can forget they did it too. And I guess they forgot all about CIETEC which was 1.2 million to 3 people in salaries.
    Also how he mentions a speeding Branstad, when he was involved in road rage and his wife smoking in state vehicles when he wanted smoking banned everywhere.

  • Coffee Pot

    You know, come to think of it. Ol George W. Bush, after all the bashing Obama did and does to him, he stays silent about the job Obama is doing. And that is a target rich environment. How can you not respect that?

    • William Denison

      Jeb Bush 2016!!!! LOL no not really lol. Not only will we the people not let that happen but most of the world will not let that happen.

      • John

        Willie I have read your comments over the last week. If you do not work for the Democratic party of Iowa you should as a full time troll. Fat Chet and his flight jacket (remeber that) sweating and setting such a great symbol for our state is a joke. He stated he thought about running against Terry. Go ahead Chet. do it. I do not think the gambling interest want that kind of publicity as everyone knows you were bought and paid for by them while you were still in office. Funny I can remeber 2 demopcratic gov. In my time in Iowa and both ran the place into the ground. All hail the great and powerful Terry.

      • William Denison

        Thanks John thats very flattering. Got no job offers.And I’m poor. My pay comes from me knowing I’m stirring the pot.If I changed someones way of thinking about all of politics its a happy day like a room without a roof :)

  • John

    Willie inanother story posting you said you have the great ability to detect BS. Your so good at it that you state that only 1% of the population has this gift but you still hit “Post comment” after your type the BS you spill out every day on this site. Classic troll. I love taking breaks from my job yes (I have one) and reading you comments It makes me feel ggod that my taxes are helping special people like you make it from day to day. I do not feel like I am falling for the troll but helping expose the troll amoungst us.

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