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BABY ASSASSIN: 9-Month-Old Accused Of Plotting Murder

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A baby has been arrested in connection with an alleged assassination attempt on police in Pakistan.

Nine-month-old Moosa Khan is one of the 30 accused of trying to stone a police officer in the city of Lahore.

Footage shown on GEO-TV showed the boy being fingerprinted at the police station.


Courtesy CNN

He has since been released on bail after an initial court appearance.

After video of the boy’s plight went viral, officials reportedly suspended the police officials who filed the initial case. But the judge wasn’t able to throw out the case because it isn’t in his jurisdiction.


  • Marc Kerns

    You really think that this kid can plot murder? He’s 9 MONTHS OLD!!! When I was that age, all I ever planned on doing was pooping my diaper and using crayons to draw on the walls! If you honestly think that a 9 month old can decide one day “Hmmm…maybe I will kill someone for the hell of it,” then you have a serious problem.

  • Joe

    even infants can commit crimes, I know of an infant who stole her grandmother’s heart

    (wow – really love the loud unmutable ads on your site, WHO, really classy addition to your site)

      • What planet do you live on?

        you are a small minded, mean man William Denison. Again, I can only pray you do not have children and therefore will never have grand children. You should not be allowed to pollute the minds of the young. It’s bad enough we adults have to see the crap you spew.

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