FIRE ORIGIN: ATF Wrapping Up On-Site Investigation

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ATF investigators say pictures and video recordings people submitted have been a big help in determining the fire’s cause and origin.

Over 20 investigators with the federal bureau are documenting the fire site. They got off to a slow start this week due to the windy weather.

But the last couple of days have been more suitable and ATF officials expect they will be packing up and heading out over the next couple of days.

“Even though you don`t see us here it doesn`t mean we`re not working,” ATF’s John Ham said. “We`re taking all of the documentation that we`ve gathered from the scene. It’s still very much in a fact finding mode of the investigation.”

The cause of the fire still hasn’t been determined. ATF officials are hopeful they will figure that out but with the extensive damage it may remain unknown.