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PAROLE BOARD: Murderer Will Be Freed

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A convicted murderer was granted his freedom Wednesday.

Sixty-seven-year-old Rasberry Williams was sentenced to life in prison in 1974 for shooting and killing a man in Waterloo.

Last year, Gov. Terry Branstad commuted his sentence. Corrections officials describe Williams as a model prisoner.

Willams went before the Iowa Parole Board Wednesday and they decided to release him to an assisted living center.

The process for an inmate release typically takes up to four weeks but in this case the Iowa Department of Corrections expects it to take longer because a facility for him has not been established yet.

For now, Williams will stay at the North Central Correctional Facility in Rockwell City. It houses inmates who are transitioning to be released back to civilian life.


  • Lena Rouh

    How can our justice system be so misconstrued? How can it be so unfair? Release a murderer back into the general population and keep an innocent man like James Christensen incarcerated for 12 more years before he can even stand before a parole board! Surely someone will stand before a Rightous Judge and explain.

  • Dawn Clark

    James Christensen was convicted…
    Sexual abuse… helped another man rape a woman.
    How is that in any way innocent? The only Righteous Judge anyone will answer to will be the Almighty on Judgement Day.

  • Saving money

    Ok, TOTALLY not agreeing with this man being released… you suppose it is being done as a money saving measure? They are releasing him to an assisted living center which implies to me that his health is perhaps failing and he needs more care than a general inmate.

    If that’s true, it seems like there should be other ways we could save money in our prison system other than releasing murderers.

    If they have cable or internet, get rid of it. If they have medical benefits, make them pay for them. Just a hunch, but, I bet the cost of feeding them could be decreased without decreasing the nutritional content of the meals…talk to the Meals From The Heartland people. The meals they package aren’t fancy, but, they are cheap and nutritional. You break the law, you (SHOULD) lose a lot of rights!!

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