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NO CASINO: Cedar Rapids Gaming License Denied

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The Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission has denied an application for a gaming license for developers hoping to build a casino in Cedar Rapids.

The commission met Thursday morning to make the decision. The final vote was 4 to 1 to deny the license.

Several of the commissioners cited two recent studies that showed casino gambling in Iowa was reaching the saturation point and any new casinos would impact revenue for existing casinos.

“I don’t believe the eastern Iowa area is underserved,” said Commissioner Carl Heinrich before casting his “no” vote. The only “yes” vote came from Commissioner Delores Mertz.

Voters in Cedar Rapids approved the project in March of 2013.


  • John

    Wanna bet.. ha ha get it I said wanna bet on a casino comment. Your right they dont need it anyway they wmake enough money on the speed cameras they have set up every 10 feet.

  • festus

    If there are to many casinos in Iowa, there are also to many Mcgrath Car lot’s , to many quick shops , to many fast food places etc , lets get real fire the idiots in the Gaming commision there to old and set in there ways, but please really no more new car lots for mcgraths

  • triple j

    whenyou are flying in to cedar rapids the pilot comes on and gives you the time and temp and then tells you to set back your watch 10 years what a crock we are the arm pit of the midwest what a sad broken town

    • al bernardy

      can anyone tell me why we even voted. what a crock. commissioners got paid under the table, from other casinos. bye bye jobs

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