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CHILD ENTICEMENT: Police Say Girls Got Away

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Des Moines police are investigating an attempted child enticement case.

A Des Moines mother says her six-year-old daughter and a seven-year-old friend were walking home from another friend’s house near East 12th Street and Ovid Avenue Tuesday when the incident happened.

The girls say a blue car approached and stopped at the corner and a man in the backseat asked them to get into the car.

The pair ran back home.

The man in the car was white and he was wearing a red shirt. He is believed to be about 30-years-old. The girls couldn’t provide a further description.


  • Trevor

    Why the hell were 2 girls that young walking alone???? And after everything has been happening. That’s plain stupidity on the parts part. Thank god the girls are safe and sound. But the parents of both children should be charged with child endangerment for allowing them to walk alone at such a young age. Wake up and smell the coffee people we have a lot of sick SOB’S out there. Protect your children.

  • Jessica

    I completely agree. So many people are careless anymore and think that nothing is ever going to happen to their child. Makes me sick seeing kids like that walking with no adults, even playing outside alone. We do NOT live in a safe wold. They can’t even provide further detail information form what happened they are so young. Adults should have been with these girls. Shame on the parents for being careless and thank God those kids are ok. So sick of careless, thoughtless people.

  • we don't know all the facts

    Ok….would I let my 6 and 7 year old walk home like BUT, I am very fortunate. My husband and I both had good jobs and were able to afford high quality child care.
    Perhaps the girls are being raised by single parents who cannot afford to both feed their children and pay daycare. Good daycare is not cheap. Cheap daycare is often cheap for a reason….it’s not good or safe.
    Maybe someone normally met the girls and walked with them. Perhaps that person was 5 minutes late for whatever reason, and the girls took off by themselves. The person waiting wouldn’t necessarily know that right away.
    Once our kids were no longer in daycare, we bought them cell phones. they do not have smart phones, at first they didn’t even have texting. They had the most basic phone you could buy and it cost us $10/month.
    If they had to walk to or from school, they called us when they left school/home, then called us again when they arrived where they were going. Even now, both boys are in middle school, they still call to let us know they are leaving and to let us know they have arrived.
    I’m sure the parents of these little girls love them and would never wish for anything to happen to them.
    No, I don’t know these people at all. Do you?
    Maybe they are careless parents, or maybe they are just working hard to make ends meet and doing the best they can.

  • We STILL don't know all the facts

    You’re right Tammy, we should just decide, on the basis of a couple of paragraphs in the newspaper that the parents of these children are scum. Let’s get DHS in there right now to take these girls, and any other children these people have, away from them. Put them in a foster home.

    Maybe you could be judge, jury and executioner for anyone who’s actions are ever considered questionable. Of course, you, in your all knowing wisdom, will be the one to decide what is questionable or unacceptable behavior.

    boy, thanks for setting me straight. I used to think there could be TWO sides to every story. Now I know there is only one, it is yours.

  • Jessica

    Yes Tammy, it should be a wake up call for the parents. And hopefully it was. A lot could of happened and fortunately it didn’t. To many stories like this hardly ever end we’ll. even if they are “single parents trying to makes ends meet” your kids safety should always come first. I know how hard it is to be a single parent and work a full time job….. Without expensive high class day cares. I don’t care if your married, single parent a millionaire or live paycheck to paycheck ………THE KIDS SHOULD NOT have been out alone. An adult should have been with them. Period end of story.

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