STANDOFF SHOOTING: Man Killed In Iowa Falls

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One man is dead after a standoff and shooting with police in Iowa Falls Thursday afternoon.

Iowa State Patrol spokesman Sgt. Scott Bright says officers with the Iowa Falls Police Department were dealing with a standoff situation for about an hour before they called for help from the Iowa State Patrol.

Officers say the standoff was with a man who had posted suicidal messages on Facebook and barricaded himself inside his home.

Sgt. Bright says the man came to the front porch of the home and was pulling a weapon out of his pocket when he was shot by law enforcement officials. The man died at the scene.

A negotiation team had been called in but had not arrived on scene before the man came out the home.

Officials are not releasing the name of the man at this time.

The Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation has been called in to look into the officer-involved shooting.


  • Steve-in-Iowa

    He was suicidal, not a crime. He was in his own home, not a crime. He had a weapon in his pocket, not a crime. He attempted to pull said weapon from his pocket, warrants a death sentence? The police in Iowa need to stay the hell away from the cop shows being shown on TV.

    • Nick Reighard

      The police used unnessary force. They had no right to shoot him. He had no weapon!!!! Iowa falls police must of been scared. If your scared then get off the force!!!!!!

  • Jessica

    He actually pulled the gun out of his pocket and pointed it at the officers. Most anybody knows that if you pull a gun out and point it at the cops that they will fire you. If someone were to point their gun at me, I’d sure want to shoot them before they hurt me and potentially others. I live in Iowa Falls and not too far away from where the shooting occurred. I think the police force did a good job handling the situation. I can sure well bet you that they didn’t want to shoot the man, but he threatened them on Facebook and pointed a gun at them. Prayers go to the friends and family of this guy and to everyone else it affects.

  • Mary Wood-Agents

    Have you ever heard of suicide by cop? Unfortunately, some people who
    wish to commit suicide approach police officers in a threatening manner so that the officers have no choice but to shoot or be shot.

  • Lily

    I was in school at the time and our princible told not to walk home that way. When I found out what happened, I was shocked. I live in Iowa Falls and know some of the people on the police force. I also know that the man did NOT pull out a gun and point it at the police, he simply had his hands in his pockets. The police had no reason to shoot him and could have handeled things in a better way.

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