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The Senate Oversight Committee heard more testimony Thursday about settlements with fired state workers.

The chair of the Public Employment Relations Board, Jim Riordon spoke about hiring practices under the Branstad administration.

Michelle Minnehan, Chief Operating Office in Human Resources at the Department of Administrative Services, also talked about the process of hiring workers at the state level and how state jobs are classified.

Tuesday, Doug Woodley, a deputy with the DAS, told the Oversight Committee that federal dollars might have been used to fund the confidential settlements.

State Senator Matt McCoy says if it’s true, it may have broken federal laws and could jeopardize Iowa’s ability to accept future federal funds.

We’ll have more on the hearings in the Channel 13 News at Five and Six.


  • Harry Moyer

    Republibags don’t care if Brainsdead is crooked, if anything it’s his M.O. and the reason they voted him in. This will do nothing but “excite” his base. They’re all for the “hook or crook” method of politics, since they can’t win honestly with truth and fact.

  • John

    Lets get excited I just cant hide it……I’m about to lose control and I think I like it… Come on Harry shake your groove thing, shack your groove thing…. yea….. yea

  • Jeanne

    If it walks like a duck, looks like a duck and quacks like duck then it must be a duck. All u republican dumb —es in the legislature go ahead and keep telling yourselves this is all political and bury your head in the sand. It is too bad you think so little of people just trying to earn an honest living serving the citizens of the state of Iowa. You are the ones that are are calling us state employees liars! Just remember we also get to vote in November! You are the jerks who are making this a political issue. Now that you have opened pandora’s box, the battle is on!

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