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VEISHEA’S FUTURE: Leath Appoints Task Force

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Iowa State University President Steven Leath has named the members of a task force that will look into VEISHEA’s role at the school and whether it has a future.

The event was canceled for 2014 after violence and vandalism in Ames’ Campustown area the Tuesday night of VEISHEA week. Hundreds of people gathered in the area, tearing down light poles and signs and flipping cars.

The task force will be chaired by VP of Student Affairs Tom Hill and includes university officials, community leaders, and students.

Former ISU football player Jeff Woody’s outspoken blog condemning the crowd during the incident gained a lot of attention and also landed him a spot on the task force. He is now a graduate student at ISU.

Hill says " What we really need to do is go back to the basics and get very clear what the purpose is and then take a look at are we meeting that purpose. If we keep the focus and if we stay focused on the purpose; I think were gonna be okay."

Leath expects to receive the task force’s report by the end of June. Leath says he’ll review it with city and campus leadership before making a decision.

The complete list of task force members is:

  • Pamela Anthony, Dean of Students
  • Ann Campbell, Mayor of Ames
  • Bob Currie, director of facilities services, facilities planning and management
    (P&S employee representative)
  • Chuck Cychosz, chief of police, Ames Police Department
  • Karl Kerns, 2014 Veishea general co-chair, senior in animal science
  • Hillary Kletscher, 2014-15 Government of the Student Body president, junior in biological systems engineering
  • Warren Madden, senior vice president for business and finance
  • Sophia Magill, 2005 Iowa State alumna, assistant director of federal relations, 2004 GSB president (Magill served on executive committee of the 2004 Veishea task force)
  • Nick Morton, 2014 Veishea general co-chair, senior in environmental science
  • Micheal Owen, University Professor of agronomy, Faculty Senate representative and Veishea Advisory Council member
  • Eric Peterson, 2007 Iowa State alumnus, 2006 Veishea general co-chair (the year Veishea was reinstated)
  • Melissa Pierce, general manager, Campustown Property Management
  • Barbara Pleasants, adjunct assistant professor of ecology, evolution and organismal biology, co-president of the South Campus Neighborhood Association
  • Richard Reynolds, director of the Memorial Union and Veishea adviser
  • Jerry Stewart, ISU police chief and director of the department of public safety
  • Dwayne Vande Krol, JD, CPA, 1993 Iowa State alumnus, 2009-10 ISU Alumni Association board chair
  • Pam White, College of Human Sciences dean and University Professor of food science and human nutrition
  • Jeff Woody, graduate student in biomedical sciences, co-president of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee

Ex-officio, nonvoting member:

  • Paul Tanaka, University Counsel

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  • RoccoB

    Just cancel the damned thing once and for all.
    These riots rear their head every 3-5 years since 1988 and every time its the same old hand wringing and and “double secret probation” by the powers that be.
    Hey ISU students:…….was fun while it lasted but you can’t handle it.

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