DRUG DEATHS: Judge To Rule Whether Witnesses Can Testify

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The trial of a Des Moines doctor has hit a road block.

Dr. Daniel Baldi is accused of nine counts of involuntary manslaughter.

The prosecution was scheduled to call more witnesses to the stand Friday morning, however when the Judge asked if the attorneys were ready to proceed it was clear not everyone was on the same page.

Polk County Assistant Attorney Jaki Livingston had planned to call a Doctor to the stand to testify Friday morning.

However, the doctor plus four other witnesses the prosecution wanted to testify have been put on hold.

Thursday, the defense filed a motion for all five witnesses to be excluded from testifying because they violated Baldi's constitutional right.

The witnesses are experts but did not specifically write the reports they would be talking about. The defense claims it would not allow Baldi an opportunity to face his accusers.

The prosecution so far has called ten witnesses to testify and claim Baldi over prescribed pain medication to nine of his patients who later died.

The defense maintains Baldi never did anything criminal.

Judge Gregory Brandt decided to suspend the trial for the rest of Friday, since he still needs to rule on the motion filed by the defense.

He will make his ruling first thing Monday morning.

Following the ruling the prosecution will continue to call more witnesses to the stand to testify.


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