MANHUNT OVER: Escapee Caught In Warren County

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The man at the center of a 22 hour manhunt has been caught.

The U.S. Marshals Service started conducting a search in Warren County for the man who escaped from police custody yesterday in Clive.

The Warren County Sheriff’s Office was then called in to help the Marshals secure a perimeter after a tip about the location of Kenny Bevard came in Friday afternoon.

At around 3:20 p.m. police say they apprehended the 37-year-old at 5259 Gear Street in Prole, southwest of Norwalk.

He was hiding under a porch, authorities said.

casey risiusLt. Brent Long with the Polk County Sheriff’s Office said a friend is suspected of helping him escape. That person, Casey Risius, has also been detained. The 41-year-old is charged with aiding and abetting an escapee, along with two outstanding warrants on drug charges.

Channel 13’s cameras caught the moment Bevard was taken into custody. He can be seen limping which officers say was caused by a K-9 that was sent to search for Bevard.

Those living at the house where Bevard was found were quite surprised when officers raided their home.

The homeowner’s son says Bevard's girlfriend approached them. Her family has a camper stored on the property.

“We came in and a lady approached us and asked to borrow my phone. I let her use it and she recognized my dad because my parents have been staying out here, and just minutes later everybody showed up, a lot of guns and body armor,” Travis Frost said.

Bevard was arrested in January in connection with a string of thefts where, along with two other suspects, he allegedly stole garage door openers to break into homes.

Along with those charges, Bevard now faces an additional felony escape charge. He is currently in the Polk County Jail.


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