FINAL DAYS: ‘No Way’ Legislative Session Will End On Time

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It’s the final days of the legislative session.

Back on the first day in January, lawmakers hoped to get their work done early. The 100 days of the session are scheduled to end on April 22nd.

As early as the beginning of this month, lawmakers remained hopeful the session would end on time.

“We can multitask. These scandals, we will stay on top of those because we think they are real public policy issues there so we’ll stay on top of those issues. But we will also get our job done, we can multitask,” State Sen. Mike Gronstal said at the beginning of April.

But it appears the oversight hearings on secret settlement agreements to former state workers has cut into lawmakers time.

There is still work to do on several budget bills and the anti-bullying bill, one of the governor’s priorities, hasn’t passed either.

Des Moines Senator Janet Peterson who chairs the oversight committee acknowledges there still a lot of work to do.

“I can pretty much guarantee you we’re not going to be ready to go by Tuesday. Logistically there’s absolutely no way we’re going to finish up on Tuesday,” State Sen. Peterson said.

If work continues past Tuesday, lawmakers will not be paid for it because that’s when their per diem runs out.

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