VETERANS HOME: Whistleblower Testimony

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The legislative oversight hearings are raising new questions about the tenure of former Iowa Veterans Home Commandant David Worley.

Workers accused Worley of sexually and verbally harassing them.

The Department of Administrative Services investigated the complaint in February, 2012. A DAS interview with the woman who made the complaint was released Tuesday.

“There was another conversation where I just felt unsafe because it had a sexual nature to it,” former Iowa Veterans Home PR director Lisa Purves said.

“And that was after other office staff had left one day. And he came inside my office. He did not shut the door but I wasn’t sure what he was there to speak to me about.

He just kind of sat down very casually and made small talk and then I had to leave for an appointment outside the office, and so, trying to wrap it up with him and I said “Well about time to go home.”

And he replied, ‘Well your place or mine?’ And the look that he gave me was just really uncomfortable, a strange smile, and he just didn’t say anything. He kind of just left that open.

I just decided it was inappropriate to respond at all. I just became silent. He got very upset and he left my office, went into his and he slammed the door.”

During the interview Purvis also says she was called to Worley's office following a disagreement. During that meeting she says Worley described how many guns he owned and that he knew how to use them.

Today the oversight committee tried to find out what happened once the investigation was complete and the findings were turned over to the governor's office.

Following the investigation, Worley was allowed to keep his job. He resigned 20-months later saying he was seeking other opportunities.


  • JPenny

    Branstad was informed of this and decided to keep this creep on his staff anyway? Man, the hole Terry is digging just keeps getting deeper. What’s next?

  • Vet

    Iowa Veterans Home is full of druggies working there. They need to start drug testing the people who care for our Vets on a random weekly basis.

  • uhofaro

    At least they are finally doing something about this mess. IVH used to be a source of great pride to Iowa. Branstad has always hated IVH. It is so sad that the people that fight for our freedoms….his freedoms have been treated with disrespect and staff were made to hate going to work. A big turnover which explains why they have been forced to hire people that have substance abuse and mental problems.
    They do need to screen.
    Back in the days when people looked forward to going to work and the Vets enjoyed living there, I had the Honor of working there and helping to try to make the quality of living for our Vets better. Our Veterans, who gave this country so much.
    Fortunately I took the early out retirement opportunity 4 years ago and missed a lot of this, Thank Heavens.

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