STOP BULLYING: ISU Athletes Help Spread Message

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Some Woodward-Granger students spent a gripping Thursday morning learning the direct impact of what bullying can lead to.

Seven ISU Student athletes including basketball star Georges Niang, came to share with students grades four through nine how to stop bullying. Featured speaker was Kirk Smalley of Perkins, Oklahoma who lost his son Ty to suicide after he was reprimanded for standing up to a bully.

The bully had bothered Ty for two years before he stood up to him. Since the teacher only saw Ty's reaction he was given a three day suspension and sent home. While at home he took his own life with a gun on his parent's bedroom floor.

Kirk and his wife have founded Stand with the Silent, which has launched a movement across this country extending to Europe and to Australia.  Kirk has spoken to over 800 school assemblies to try to tell kids it is in their power to stop bullies.


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  • hyacinth

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