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FATHER CHARGED: Mother’s 911 Call Released

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Authorities have charged 17-year-old Drew Weehler-Smith with first-degree murder following the death of his son, four-month-old Gabriel McFarland.

The child's official cause of death is abusive head trauma.

The baby's mother says she left Gabriel in Weehler-Smith's care so she could run errands. Police say he left baby Gabriel by himself.

The 911 call made by the mother and her friend have been released.

The frantic call lasts six and a half minutes and is between Siobhan Williams, a friend of baby Gabriel’s mother, and a 911 dispatcher and it chronicles the final moments of Gabriel’s life.

"Somebody left my friend’s baby that they were babysitting by themselves and the baby's blue"

The operator then walks Williams through CPR while Williams asks Gabriel’s mother, Markeya Atkins, about Gabriel’s condition.

911 Operator: How old is the baby?

Williams: How old? He's like almost four months.

Operator: Ok you need to lay him on his back.

Williams: What?

Operator: Is he breathing?

Williams: Is he breathing Markeya? No.

Operator: Listen I'm going to help you and give him CPR ok?

Williams: Ok lay him down Markeya on the floor, on the floor.

The girls then begin CPR.

Operator: I want you to push down about two inches, only the heel of one hand touching the chest. Pump the chest hard and fast 30-times"

In the background, Atkins can be heard screaming that the baby was left alone, we later find out through police reports, by Gabriel’s father.

Moments later, paramedics arrive.

Operator: Did the paramedics take over?

Williams: What?

911 Operator: Did the paramedics take over?

Williams: Um, yes. The fire department's here.

Operator: Do they have the baby?

Williams: Yes they have the baby.

Operator: OK you did great. You did wonderful.

Williams: Thank you

In addition to the murder charges, Weehler-Smith is charged with child endangerment resulting in death. That charge carries a maximum of 50-years in prison. If Weehler-Smith is convicted of murder, he could spend the rest of his life behind bars.


  • Nichole Lukenbill-Ortiz

    Not only is this baby’s life come to an end too early, but his young father has ruined his life before he even got to really live.
    I don’t want to ‘hurt’ anyone’s feeling by my opinion, but this child would have fared much better in the care of his adoptive mothers. It takes maturity and patience to be a good parent.

    • Devil's Advocate in Training

      Faired better…wow. Yeah, I’m sure the child would have ‘faired better’ but there’s this thing called the law and it protects birth parents and gives them the right to change their minds. It blows, but it’s the truth. The McFarland’s should focus on pushing Iowa to change adoption laws so this doesn’t happen again to another family, rather than placing blame.

      I’ll be very interested to see how this tragedy pans out.

  • be

    Exactly. I hate to think what would have happened to my grandson if I hadn’t taken him when he was a baby and my teenage daughter realized she couldn’t do it. That baby was in a good home and the mother should have thought about that.

  • Jessica

    It doesn’t matter the age, I’ve seen young great mothers. That kid was just plain stupid and deserves worse than life in prison!

  • Trisha

    Hate to pop your bubbles but my son was a father at 17. And was and is a wonderful father. The mother went on welfare and my son paid all his child support on his own. Never got behind. Now with 3 children at 31 years old he is still the best father!

    • Jessie Gates

      And you know Trisha, that is fantastic that your son ‘manned up’ and became a great father. Based on your defense of him, I’m guessing he had you to help him, emotionally, physically, maybe even financially.

      Yes, there can be ‘adults’ that are horrible parents as well. But, why not wait. What is the rush to jump into bed with someone at the age of 15, 16, or 17? Why not get an education first, at least a high school diploma. Why make things so much harder on yourself then they have to be?

      These teenagers choose pregnancy by choosing to sleep together. Abstinence is always an option.

  • lexy

    I hate how a lot of people are blaming the mother. Obviously before she let the father watch him alone the baby was well & still alive. Who knew the father of your baby couldnt be trusted alone with your baby. It’s not like she knew this was going to happen when she decided she wanted to raise him herself. People should say the baby would still be alive if the father knew how to take car of a baby properly, not if the birth mom hadn’t decided that she wanted her son back & raise her him. After all SHE IS HIS BIRTH MOM. I’m a young mom myself. I’m 16 just like her. & my son is more than well taken care of & he is still alive. So age really does not matter!

    • Jessie Gates

      I think PART of the reason people are blaming the mother, Lexy, is because when her friend said ‘gee, are you sure you trust Drew with the baby’, the mother said no, you better get back there. So…..the best friend and the mother both had concerns about having the baby alone with the dad. Why not send Daddy to get the tickets and you stay with your baby?
      Also, if you watch the interview with the mother, it doesn’t sound like she really wanted to raise a child. She just didn’t want the adoptive parents to have something that was ‘hers’.
      She said that she knew she would be giving up her life to raise a child, and she knew she didn’t want to do that. Then, all of a sudden, the adoptive parent kissing the baby and calls herself ‘mommy’ in front of her and the birth mother storms out, then decides she wants the baby back. Sounds to me like the act of a spoiled child…he’s got my toy and I want it back.

      • Lexi West

        your right she just used my credit card to get tickets to a concert that she never should have went too.Even after her baby died she went the next night to her rap concert.Now she used the one person who helped her..Now she will not talk me just talk to me .Why can she not tell the truth .I did nothing wrong but try to help a person who her mom abandoned? ?i should not say that because I don’t know,I will say she has no idea what it takes to make it on her own.I wish her the best even though i believe she will not talk to me but leave me with all her bills that i don’t deserve.
        I will not judge her for trying .Its hard to give up your baby.You do what you have to to get the help .She was lucky to have me to help her but it wasn’t enough and she really did not care .Tell me why the ones that help get hurt the most .

  • Tiffany

    She absolutely should not have left her baby in the first place!! She wanted him back so bad. She couldn’t just taken him with her on her oh so important errand…..making copies of concert tickets or something dumb like that! Why didn’t her friend that went with her stay back and watch the baby?!! If she had never left the baby with the so called father why in the world did she do it for this! And she claims she just called him once, went to voicemail and that’s it! Something doesn’t add up!! I think she set him up!!

    • Lexi West

      she didn’t want him back i don’t think so .I told her to get the father involved .I feel bad.But i did watch him one night for an hour

  • angelic

    @ Tiffany Did you even read the article? She left the baby with his father, who abused the baby and left him alone to die. Would you refuse to leave the baby with his own father?

    • Mother at fault too

      @Angelic – you don’t leave your baby with someone you only ‘kinda’ trust. Period….even if he does happen to be the biological father.
      The mother said he disappeared shortly after she knew she was pregnant. doesn’t sound like a father to me.

      so, no, if I didn’t feel my baby was in good care, I wouldn’t leave him with his father.

    • C. Moore

      A mother who knew her baby’s father was using drugs and unsafe. She knew better which is why she freaked out out when the friend saw Drew with the baby. Maybe the baby was asleep when she left and she felt it was safe and it quickly escalated from there

  • Lilreb

    @ Tiffany
    Set him up!?! WOW! I cant even imagine the crap I would get from you people if you knew alllll the times I left my kids with someone to go run errands, go out with friends, get a hair cut, a date, tanning, grocery shopping, a dr. appointment and yes, even a concert or 2…….Or 3 or 4. Darn parents leaving their kids with people they trust! Ha!

    Where is all the anger at for the father? You know, the one who murdered his child and left him all alone. Even if the baby was alive, when do you leave a child alone??? Do you really think the DMPD did their job wrong and arrested the wrong person?

    • jess

      you left your kids with people you trust, she admits she only ‘kinda’ trusted the father. she even sent her friend back there to be with them. if she was uncomfortable, she never should have left.

  • RoccoB

    How the hell doesn’t anyone know basic CPR in this day and age?
    Cripes we learned it in elementary school, junior high….and then high school.

  • Try it again

    Ok, apparently I am saying something that WHO TV doesn’t agree with because my comments keep getting blocked so I will try one more time.
    If they don’t come through this time, we will know that the moderators only allow through the things they want people to see because none of my posts had bad words in them that should have gotten caught.

    the ‘father’ of this child is being accused of murder. the news has said little Gabriel died of blunt force trauma to the head. Sounds like he was violently attacked by his own father. That is horrible!

    I think young people, and older people for that matter, need to think things through and be a little more careful about what they are doing in their spare time. If you are not ready to raise a child, you shouldn’t be doing things that will create a child. It is a choice…make the responsible one. You can say it was an ‘accident’ — ‘you didn’t plan to get pregnant’. As soon as you took your clothes off, you were planning to get pregnant, or at least accepting the responsibility if it happened.

    If you do decide to do things that will create a child, and that happens, take responsibility.
    If you are not ready to raise the child, adoption is a wonderful option.
    If you do want to raise the child
    – get a job. I work to support my children, not yours
    – accept responsibility. Your life will change You will have less money, less sleep and less free time. However, if you put in the effort, you will get back more love then you ever imagined possible.

    There have been lots of posts defending the rights of 15, 16 and 17 year olds to have children. So, apparently, once you hit 15, you are no longer a child, you are an adult, ready to make adult choices and take on adult responsibilities (I don’t think MOST of them are, but, whatever). So, having said that, this 17 year old father needs to be tried and convicted and sentenced EXACTLY the same as we would treat a 33 year old man who did the same thing. there should be no leniency due to his age. There should be no exceptions due to his age. He felt he was man enough to create a child. He felt he was man enough to kill a child. he should be man enough to face the consequences.

  • Tiffany

    @Try it again

    Blunt force trauma to the head?? I believe it reads “abusive head trauma” which you can look up shaken baby syndrome and read all about it. That baby could have been shaken by the mother for days or weeks before he succumbed to death. I can almost guarantee she was on a drug run. She isn’t the brightest! Her interview did a great job of making her look guilty herself! I pray they look very closely into this case, things just don’t add up. Take a another look at her raw interview and 911 call. Very interesting…..Who’s to say the friend she had check on them didn’t stay there so he left???? And who’s to say she did something and knew something was wrong so called the father to watch for a bit………just saying. I think there is way more to this story and I hope it all comes out!

  • megs

    Age has absolutely nothing to do with this case. I myself became a mother of twins at 17 years old,and my boyfriend was 16, I am now 26 and he is 25 and have had another child,and recently got married. I am not saying by any means that it is ok for a 15,16,17 year old child to have sex/baby,I have 3 daughters and definitely would not want them to become a mother as young as I did. Just saying that media targets the young parents way more then they do older parents. This BOY needs to be charged the same as if it were a 30 year old who done this.The father,He is a sick individual!!! RIP little on!!!

  • rustin

    The lesson here is that people should choose more carefully their mates. So many people choose their mates based upon how good the sex feels. More appropriately a mate should be choosen by the willingness of the other and ability to take care of a child that is a possibilty from mating. This kid father most likely was incapable of taking care ofva child but was having sex with this young girl purely for the feel of it and not the wonderful miracle that can be a possibilty of it. The young woman may be just as much to blame as the father for choosing a mate that most likely wasnt willing to be a participant in the raising of a child and most likely wasnt for the idea of have the baby returned. Notice the article said itbwas returned at the request of the mother not both parents. The young boy obviously had no heart or love for the child.

  • btmayfield87

    First off I have to say this is sad this baby odds gone may he R.I.P second of this little girl Makeya was feeling alone obviously because she want getting support her mother arranged the adoption and then she was farting the support she needed from #babygabriel moms instead of her own. There was a sense of safety from them and love with all the help they were giving her so once they decided she couldn’t come alone anymore she was hurt and upset she used to feel like they cared when she was pregnant and after birth then the focus was on Gabriel and she got pushed to the side when she needed support and love that she still want getting so she decided she wanted her baby back on impulse because she was hurt and upset. Yes she left the baby with someone she thought she could trust for under an hour and when she got the call from her friend she acted more responsible than most adults would have. SHE NEEDS STABILITY LOVE AND SUPPORT SOMEONE NEEDS TO HELP HER AND GIVE HER THAT. What happened, happened now this little girl needs help not judgment!

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