CANNABIS OIL: House Committee Approves Bill

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A bill that would make the medical use of cannabis oil legal in Iowa has been approved by a House committee and is now eligible for debate on the House floor.

The committee approved three amendments to the bill originally passed by the Senate. They would restrict the amount of oil a patient could purchase, allow secondary caretakers to apply for a temporary permit to administer the medication, and have the University of Iowa conduct a study on the effectiveness of cannabis oil.

Backers of the bill say the medication can help those with seizure disorders better than traditional medication.

The bill could be debated in the House as early as Tuesday afternoon. If it passes it would need to go back to the Senate for the amendments to be voted on.


  • Ishmale Whale

    As it is right now, if one is able to jump through all the hoops, you still can not obtain it in Iowa. Shipping/transporting it into Iowa from another state violates Federal laws and other state laws if they are not medical friendly states. The laws says you can use it, have very little of it, but you are not allowed to buy it here.

  • revraygreen (@revraygreen)

    “There is a sunset in the bill because the legislature hopes that the federal government will have approved a national plan for its commercial use by then, and that insurance will cover costs. Rep. Forbes explained epilepsy to the committee. ”

    I really wish the CBD moms would already be giving their children the CBD oil illegally in IOWA, just like the 100% of those using the natural plant, illegally. Iowa medical marijuana patients are admitting use under the thumb of Terry Branstad. This way they can show the benefits, instead of a bunch of what IF they had access. Go get it.

  • Matthew

    I am happy that a move in the right direction is being heard out but what about all the cancer, chronic pain and anxiety disorder patients that will be left in the dark and could benefit from this miracle drug as well? Medical cannabis needs to be legalized across the board, not just for epilepsy patients!!

  • Matthew

    I shouldn’t have to move! I was born and raised in Iowa. My wife and kids and I are engrained here with jobs, school, etc. It is a social injustice denying an affective medication to patients who could truly benefit!!

  • Troy Hendrickson

    The bill is far to narrow in scope and effect for it to have any real value to the vast majority of patients.

    Meanwhile, the governor has made sure that alcohol flows freely, fully subsidized by the state.

    Luckily I no longer submit to corrupt authority, I choose to live a moral life, so I use cannabis as a means of not becoming dependent on tax payer funded disability and handing the tax payers my medical bills.

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