BLOG BASHER: Newspaper Editor Criticizes ‘Gaystapo’

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Some Newton residents say their town's newspaper editor may have gone too far expressing his First Amendment rights.

“What that man wrote in that letter, you do not call my daughter or my friends 'the enemy' because they are gay,” says resident Stormy Storm.

Bob Eschliman works at the Newton Daily Newspaper however in a personal blog he referred to gays as "the enemy" and "Gaystapo” and accused homosexuals trying to reword the Bible to make their sinful nature "right with God."

The blog was posted at the end of last month and has since been taken down.

Shaw Media, the company who owns newspaper released statement about the future of the editor's position.

"We are deeply concerned by Mr. Eschliman's comments. The views expressed in his personal blog in no way reflected the opinions of the Newton Daily News. The situation is under review."

Storm, who says she will cancel her subscription, plans to meet with other Newton residents about the issue Friday evening.


  • Eric DG

    I support Bob. This is what John 15:18 means when it says remember, if the world hates you, it hated Christ first. Christians are called to salt of the earth and salt stings sometimes. There are homosexual activists who are attempting to rewrite the Bible to make it more gay-friendly. I don’t know how we could debate that.

    The beautiful thing about Christ is homosexuals can be forgiven too, so long as they repent and turn from their sin. But when 1 Corinthians 6 says do not be deceived, homosexuals will not inherit the kingdom of God, I don’t think it leaves a ton of room for interpretation.

    First Amendment. Freedom of religion, freedom of speech is at attack here. It’s unreal a newspaper of all places would consider not only restricting someone’s speech, but firing someone for speech. Unreal.


      • Eric DG

        really? you’re offended by something you don’t even believe in…

        i’m not brainwashed, not one bit. i didn’t always believe in Christ, but thankfully HE is faithful and never lost faith in me!

        So a good Christian man writes a blog about homosexual activists trying to silence Christians and the homosexual activists respond by trying to silence him….

        Am I the only one seeing this?????

      • etienneiowa

        That is always the false claim. that “we’re” trying to silence Christians. I’m a Christian and this is not what my church believes and teaches. Everyone has a right to one’s opinion and chance to speak it out loud; however, there are also consequences to what one says. It does call into attention how the editor can cover news items…if one wants to be in the public eye, one does need to be accountable for one’s words/actions, especially when the public can then react with their wallets and by cancelling subscriptions, etc. He is FREE to say what he wants, and I’m FREE to react to what he says…I’d never deny him that right and he can not deny the public to react to his statements.

    • Troy Hendrickson

      You used the term “good Christian”

      OK, let’s look at what Christ Himself said about homosexuality, which would be nothing at all of course.

      But we’ll go with the idea that homosexuality is in fact a form of sexual sin.

      Now then, where we can find Christ’s teaching on how we are to deal with such things.

      Pretty clear teaching actually. He told us to put down the stones, go home and worry about your own sin filled life.

      In other words, a good christian would be far more concerned with spreading the true ministry of Jesus Christ.

      I’m not seeing that here. I see an angry man who is having a hard time dealing with the fact that people are becoming less willing to accept religious belief as justification for discrimination etc.

      In fact, it’s been my experience that the louder people scream about gays and other “sinners”, the more certain it is I’m dealing with a hypocrite of the ilk that Jesus Christ rebuked.

    • Troy Hendrickson

      First, this isn’t twitter, so hashtags are just silly and juvenile.

      Secondly, you use the term “good christian”.

      Here’s a hint, when Jesus was confronted with a village wishing to judge a woman for her sin, He told them to go home and worry about their own sin filled life. That’s it. No exceptions, no “but if”.

      And of course he never actually said a word about gays at all.

      In fact, he rebuked people like Bob, for the hypocrites they are.

      So, do you want to go any further into your good christian theory?

      Because all I see is the kind of person that Jesus spent a lot of time rebuking.

      I think Bob is just mad because people aren’t so willing to accept discrimination by the religious right so much anymore, but they have only themselves to blame for actually bearing false witness to what Jesus gave us.

      • Eric DG

        What are you basing Bob being a hypocrite on? I mean, if you’re a parent and you tell your child not to lie but you yourself have ever lied in your life, then I guess you too are a hypocrite? Come on. A hypocrite is someone who does what he or she tells others not to do while STILL practicing the behavior themself.

        Jesus said in Matthew “haven’t you read that in the beginning He made them male and female? For this reason a man will leave his parents and join his wife and the two will become one.” He also strengthened laws on sexuality, He did not weaken them. Also, if Jesus is God (and HE is part of the trinity), then He also stands by what His father said. Besides that, the same book that is the only historical account of Christ condemns homosexuality every single time it is mentioned. No “but ifs” about it.

        As for Jesus, we’re actually told TO JUDGE, but to do so righteously. And, as a FEW examples of His desire for us to judge,

        1Cor. 6:2-3 Do you not know that the saints [the saved; Christians] will judge the world? And if you are to judge the world, are you not competent to judge trivial cases? Do you not know that we will judge angels? How much more the things of this life!
        Prov. 3:21 My son, preserve sound judgment and discernment, do not let them out of your sight;
        John 7:24 Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.
        Jer. 22:3 Thus saith the LORD; Execute ye judgment and righteousness…
        Phil. 1:10 so that you may be able to discern [judge] what is best and may be pure and blameless until the day of Christ…
        Phil. 1:7 It is right for me to feel this way about all of you [judge you]…

        Using the KJV this time, in John 8:1 – 11 scribes and Pharisees had caught a woman in the act of adultery (the woman commonly referred to as the prostitute) and told Jesus who was teaching in the temple that the Mosaic Law required she be stoned to death. Trying to make an opportunity of this to trick Jesus that they might accuse Him, they, with stones in hand, asked Jesus what He says about the Law. After Jesus tried to ignore their repeated questioning, He told them “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.” One by one each man dropped his stone and walked away.

        Jesus was not arguing with the judgment. Nor was Jesus arguing the law nor the woman’s guilt. Jesus was arguing with our right to execute the woman. Once all the men had dropped their stones Jesus confronted the woman and asked her if any of the men were still there to condemn her. When she answered “No man, Lord”, Jesus told her that neither did He – He forgave her of her sin. He did not excuse the sin of adultery/prostitution, he forgave her of it. All behavior and thought that is sinful before forgiveness is still sinful after forgiveness. Not only was Jesus not afraid to call a sin a sin, He was not afraid to call a sinner a sinner. He even reminded her of the sin of adultery/prostitution by telling her “Go and sin no more.”

        Are you telling the homosexuals to “go and sin no more” as Jesus did do, would’ve done and will do?

    • joestutler

      Coproencephaly is such a terrible scourge. While it’s clearly too late for Bob, perhaps we can start a telethon to raise money to find a cure for sufferers like you.

    • Troy Hendrickson

      By the way, freedom to be a hate fillied religious hypocrite is what Bon wants, and others have an equal right to react to his bigotry.

      People like Bob spit in the face of Jesus

      • Eric DG

        Troy, that’s simply not true. Jesus said to go and be disciples to all nations. WE are commanded to be salt of the earth – salt stings at times – like when the truth is told. HOmosexuality is a sin. 1 Corinthians says homosexuals will not inherit the kingdom of God

        The God of the Bible — Jesus’ Father, you know — calls homosexuality unnatural, an abomination and detestable. We are spreading the message, not making it up ourselves.

        I”ll tell you who is spitting in the face of Christ, anyone who pretends homosexuality is ok. Anyone who pretends any sin is ok. Because those folks are encouraging people to continue on the path to hell. Jesus said wide is the path to destruction and many will take it, but straight and narrow is the path to paradise and few will find it.

        When we fail to speak out against sin, against evil – that is a sin as well. This isn’t a choice, these are commands.

      • BaaBwaWawa

        May be, but they have as much right as you to think and say their mind. If they don’t, you don’t. That’s democracy. Your freedoms depend on preserving his. That’s how it works. It works for everybody, or it works for nobody. If you want freedom, you have to give, AND DEFEND, everyone’s freedom. Anything you arrogate to yourself but not to others is simply primate-ive (emphasis intended).

    • Troy Hendrickson

      “so, you take offense to bob calling names, so in retaliation you call names. ???”

      If Bob is calling names, according to the words of Jesus, Bob is asking to be called names is he not?

      Now, as to his words. Yep, free speech. But others have an equal right to react to those words, and if his employer thinks his words are having a detrimental affect, they have an obligation to tell him to shut it or move on I guess.

      At least he had the courage to put his name to his words instead of slinking around like a troll hiding who he was so he wouldn;t have to face any accountability at all like so many seem fond of doing.

      • Pastor Rick

        Bob didn’t call names. Bob used the title of a group of people. Those people feel he called names and in turn, are calling him names.

  • Eric DG

    just to be clear, Bob wrote a piece about the homosexual activists attempting to silence Christians. So in response, homosexual activists try to silence Bob. Nobody else sees that?

  • Really

    it’s not illegal to release your opinion about others, it doesn’t harm them, nor is it counted as bullying, since it was on his own blog, not towards anyone, i hate gay people, keep marriage for gay’s illegal.

  • John

    Eric, the next sentence in 1 Corinthians 6 says “And such were some of you”, so apparently there were former homosexuals in the church at Corinth who had repented and believed in Christ and were saved.

  • joestutler

    Congratulations on his exercising his 1st Amendment Rights. I served in the military, defending his Rights. suffice it to say that I, too, have those Rights. My thoughts on that product of wasted sperm would be censored by even the least restrictive of censors/moderators. I look forward to reading his obituary…which I’m sure will list the cause of death as terminal coproencephaly. I can only hope that it is a slow and excruciatingly painful demise, and that his carcass is put in a sealed container to prevent his clearly toxic bile from contaminating the planet.

    • Eric DG

      Bob also served in the military. Thanks for showing the “tolerance for me, but not for thee” approach of the left… It is appreciated.

      So much grace and forgiveness without any judgement in your post.

  • Angela Krout

    Coming from a mother of a lesbian daughter I can point out so many things wrong in this whole situation. First off, are we not in the middle of a big campaign trying to teach our children about bullying and what to post on line? I can agree that he has his rights to say what he believes in but he has gone too far. In fact he sounds like a child saying things that he doesn’t even understand himself. Second of all, I just want to remind him that words can really hurt people to the point of suicide and I hope and pray that does not happen. People don’t choose to be gay just like you don’t choose to straight, you are born the way god intended you to be born. We are a nation that is turning not only against god but each other as well. Did you ever stop to think that maybe god found a solution to the overpopulation problem we have or maybe this is gods way of giving all the unwanted children homes because they can’t have their own. We all need to step back and look at the way we treat the world. No one but god can judge anyone, all we can do is pray and keep our faith.

  • Lisa Cunningham

    I quit subscribing to the Newton Daily News shortly after Bob took over as Editor. I didn’t like the direction the paper was going. I wasn’t fond of Bob’s opinions back then or now. Everyone has a right to free speech. But keep in mind that what you say may have consequences. If you don’t like it, don’t buy the paper.

      • Lisa Cunningham

        I know that Eric. It was in his personal blog. He can say whatever he wants. I just don’t like him as an editor.

    • Eric DG

      well, that papers has grown big time and with its online hits, not to mention the increase in awards…. results tend to speak for themselves. he may not have the same opinions as you do, but he’s exceptional at what he does.

      there are probably 3 Christian journalists for every 100 and some of these folks prefer to tear down the 3 and praise the 97…. it’s sad.

  • Eileen

    You condemn the biblical or Christian stance on homosexuality but, what if Sharia law would take effect? What do Muslims say about homosexuality. Read the Quran. I agree with Bob.

    • Eric DG

      that’s a good point. why does the homosexual wing always sue Christian photographers, bloggers, florists and bakers and never a muslim one???? hmmmmmmmm i wonder

      • BaaBwaWawa

        Why? To arrogate to themselves what they deny to someone else. And that IS Gestapo-like. Not democracy.

  • Eileen

    And as a side note, not that anyone cares , but I know longer purchase or read the Des Moines Register – because of the direction it is going.

  • BaaBwaWawa

    The man has as much right to have and express his opinion as anyone else. Anyone who attempts recrimination or persecution or punishment IS the enemy, by their own intolerant behavior. There is no excuse for acting like, and therefore for that moment being, gestapo-like, mob-like, or extreme in response. Such is not the democracy way.

  • Alicia

    This is his opinion…i hear WAY WORSE THINGS out in public than what he said but no one cares because they aren’t an editor of a paper!! PATHETIC if you ask me!! Get a life and don’t worry about what other people are doing and worry about yourselves!!

  • someone

    i believe in equal rights but he is right they do seem to try to reword the bible to make it right with God. its sad that I stand up for gay rights but yet they bash my religion very very sad…

  • RoccoB

    Wow….gays upset…..stop the presses.
    There’s a first.
    They really give the blacks a run for their money in terms of who is most whiny in this country.
    Give it rest already.

  • John Dean Heidenreich

    He’s right. There is no such thing as ‘”Going too far in expressing one’s First Amendment Rights” The people that say that are the gay mafia. The people that want people jailed for pointing out that they are in the wrong for their lifestyle. In the UK people can be jailed for using the term ‘homosexual’. Homosexual is a scientific term. It’s not hateful.

  • spen2much

    I am a Christian and I totally believe in Jesus and the Bible and do not support the gay lifestyle but GOD made us free will creatures to make our own choices of how we want to live our lives. I do feel sorry for those who chose the gay lifestyle path and no matter how you want to rewrite the Bible or try to justify it it will not make it OK in GOD’s eyes. I don’t know Bob but I think he has every right to state his opinion on any subject matter he wants, I heard that most people do not like criticism from other people because usually 95% of the time they are right and we don’t want to hear it or admit it.

  • Scott Foval

    As one of the many LGBTQ people who was bullied incessantly during my residence in Newton, IA, in the 1980s; I am appalled that Newton Daily News Editor Bob Eschilman has not yet been fired for bashing members of the LGBTQ community on his blog. A journalist is supposed to report news, and serve all of the persons in a given community. That Mr. Eschilman chose to take to the public channels of social media to air his apparent disdain and indeed, hatred, for LGBTQ people, tells me he has also chosen to forego a thin veil of ‘objectivity’ in favor of outright gay bashing. Never is it fair or acceptable to refer to the LGBTQ community as the ‘Gaystapo’ or likening them to perpetrators of the Holocaust. To do so shows that Eschilman is an extremist at best, and a bigot and hatemonger at worst. Shaw Newspapers should remove him from his post.

  • Rob

    You have the right to live however you choose, but you can’t change the words of the bible to suit your morals. You can’t make the unnatural acts natural and right. Choosing to live a gay lifestyle is a conscious decision and not everyone has to accept it, but all people deserve respect as human beings.

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