DATA CENTER: Second Stage For Facebook

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Altoona city leaders vote Monday on the second phase of a $1 billion data center project for Facebook.

Crews expect to finish the first data center by the end of the year and there’s a second building in the works.

The plans go before the city council Monday night.

The state gave the first phase of the project $18 million in tax credits and Altoona allowed the company to avoid paying property taxes for 20 years.

Following the first project’s approval, Altoona’s mayor told Channel 13’s Dave Price it wasn’t just good news for Altoona but for the entire state.

“My goodness Dave, look at what’s happening. I mean Iowa ought to celebrate this and Altoona is the best place to put it,” said Mayor Skip Conkling.

The first project will be a nearly 500,000 square foot facility.

This second building is expected to be about the same size and layout.