NATIONAL ATTENTION: Ernst Ad Takes Aim At Obamacare

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After gaining national notoriety after her first ad, US Senate hopeful Joni Ernst is once again picking up widespread attention for her latest campaign effort.

If castrating pigs wasn’t enough to catch the electorates’ attention, then a leather-clad Ernst shooting a gun and promising to “set (her) sights on Obamacare” should do the trick.

Ernst, who has the support of Sarah Palin and Sen. Marko Rubio, is introduced as a “mom, farm girl and a lieutenant colonel who carries more than just lipstick in her purse.”

Enrst is up against Sam Clovis, Mark Jacobs, Scott Schaben and Matt Whitaker in the Republican primary.

Rep. Bruce Baley is the only Democrat running to replace the retiring Sen. Tom Harkin.


  • Right Wing Patriot

    Are you kidding this chick is awesome! Better than you limp wristed, spineless liberal dweebs.

  • Coffee Pot

    so Troy, I guess you like that hope and change thing…. got you hooked? Or the Benghazi “It Wasn’t ME” thing? Or the “Those Republican’s are all racist, women hater’s”? Or the famous make the rich pay their fair share. Or my favorite, the Muslims are all peace loving people and we should leave them alone, just a few have terrorist thoughts now and then, but a nut with a gun, and everybody with a gun is a nut, right?

  • Sally

    hey, right now, anyone that isn’t Obama looks good to me.

    The man out and out lied to the nation (if you like your plan, you’ll get to keep it). he is probably the biggest racist out there. he stereotypes (Thos Pennsylvanians clinging to their guns and bibles)

    unlike so many politicians (I’m against it, unless the group I’m with is for it, then I’m for it), she sticks her neck out there and expresses an opinion. A little honesty, integrity and strength of character would be a wonderful change!

  • John Cook

    Joni’s going to unload on Obamacare?
    Joni aims to defend insurance company practices such as lifetime and annual caps on coverage and dropping coverage when people get sick.
    Kids staying on their parents’ policies until age 26? Joni’s going to blast that.
    People with pre-existing conditions getting coverage? Joni will shoot that down.
    Tens of thousands of uninsured Iowans getting coverage, some for the first time? Joni will kill that (and she would let some people die from lack of timely health care).

  • Go Joni Go!

    My healthcare rates skyrocketing so I can pay for yours while you choose not to work – hope Joni blasts that.

    Illegals getting insurance coverage – again – at my expense – hope Joni blasts that

    Me being forced to buy more expensive coverage than I need or want to meet Obama’s guidelines – Blast away Joni!

    Retirees having their healthcare cut because the plans, even though they met the retirees needs they didn’t meet Obama’s minimums – Here are some more shells, Joni

    Companies choosing to no longer provide health care as a benefit for their employees because it is cheaper to pay the fine then to pay the premiums – Borrow my rifle, Joni!

    keeping the working poor’s tax refunds as a fine because they couldn’t afford the ‘basic’ obamacare plan and went without insurance -(meaning now, not only do I not have insurance I couldn’t afford, I also have less available cash should something happen 0 shoot it down, Joni.

    health insurance is not a right. if you have a true need, a hospital will turn you away. If you can’t pay for it, that should be your problem, not the government’s or mine. and, anyway, there have been LOTS of programs out there to cover the children of the poor. You’ve got Medicaid which covers adults as well, and is MUCH better than any insurance program I’ve ever paid for.

    And, I’m guessing a lot of these people that say they can’t afford insurance are smoking cigarettes ($5 – $7/pack) while playing Angry Birds on their $150/month iPhone.

    I’m tired of paying for dead beats. Get a job and buy your own insurance!

    • Go Joni Go!

      Oops, got too excited, I meant a hospital would NOT turn you away if you had a true need.

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