NOT YET: Governor Not Ready On Cannabis Bill

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Iowa Governor Terry Branstad said he hasn't made up his mind on whether to sign a bill that would legalize the use of cannabis oil for people suffering from epilepsy.

But Branstad said Monday he has talked to the governors of Utah and Alabama about it and they have told him of no issues of the oil's misuse.

Branstad said, "We've got to be very careful and very thoughtful about this."

Branstad's gubernatorial challenger, State Senator Jack Hatch, a Des Moines Democrat, said Branstad should already be familiar with the bill, which lawmakers finalized last week. "That's what a governor's supposed to do. That's the leadership we expect," Hatch said.

Hatch wants the governor to sign the bill this week.

Branstad has 30 days to sign or veto the bill once he receives the finalized bill from the legislature. As of Monday morning, he said he hadn't received the bill yet.


    • Supporter

      You people really need to educate yourselves. SERIOUSLY THERE ARE CHILDREN, INNOCENT PEOPLE OF ALL AGES THAT WOULD GREATLY BENEFIT FROM THIS. THEY HAVE TRIED EVERY MANUFACTURED DRUG OUT THERE. AND THERE IS PROOF THAT THIS NATURAL “DRUG” – THE THC CAN HELP, IN SOME CASES CURE SEIZURES. There are far worse things this man has done to give you a reason not to vote for him… but to sit back and let people suffer when you know there is help.. that’s just moronic! Get a clue and educate yourself.

    • Ashley

      So please tell me then if you had a child or your closest friend with an uncontrollable illness and this one thing, in this case, cannabis oil, which has no known side effects except having the ability to talk walk crawl you know the small things in life(some people are so ignorant) would you go to any and all lengths to see them all but possibly cured? Just a thought maybe you should do some research before posting such an uneducated comment

  • Impeach O-bowel-ma

    Hey Jack Hatch, run your mouth about something important: Obama. Let’s hear what you have to say about the biggest liar in US history. Nothing else matters. State your position on Obama and his scandals.

  • Carly

    He’ll sign it, eventually. He has to make it a political hostage for a while. This knucklehead is sickening.

  • Jeanne

    He’s got to make sure everyone’s attention on him so he can pat himself on the back for doing one nice thing this whole legislative session. He knows if he doesn’t it will be political suicide.

  • Jeanne

    Sure is sad when all people want to do is bitch about Obama when this has nothing to do with Obama. Get a life dumb ass and focus on something that matters.

  • Doug

    This is all political theatre. If one of his children or grandchildren needed this, you can bet he would have a whole different viewpoint. His retirement is way overdue.

  • gimmieabreak

    he won’t like it one bit but he’ll sign it cuz polls support it.
    regardless it’s time for the old goat to go.
    can’t stay around forever waiting to bail out son for OWI murder, again.

    • William Denison

      The Iowa State Patrol has shown itself to be corrupt by candy coating the deaths of two people by order of Branstad. This case needs to be reopened and all those in law enforcement that responded to the call of the “Branstad Slaughter” needs to face a judge.A judge that can’t be bought or whos already corrupt in this state.

  • Tim Sutherland

    What is there to consider? This is a no brainer and if he had any common sense the bill would be signed already.

    Political theater is a true statement.

    Whatever happened to doing the right thing based on common sense?

  • lk

    Heck…I hope he does sign it! And personally, I think there should be a bill to legalize marijuana in IA for ANYONE who needs it for medicinal purposes! Have you read what other states are making in capital?! But it’s not entirely just that. I have seriously never used a drug in my life, but I understand the value of marijuana….and to those it helps….amen!

      • William Denison

        So true. KCCI blocks comments all the time. Even when there is nothing being posted that is derogatory. So after being shut out on their web site I shut them off on my TV. Put that in you pipe and smoke Kevin Cooney. I don’t mind watching Channel 13 they at least for the most part will let ya use your freedom of speech here on their site.

  • Hugo S. LaVia

    Amazing! When The Little Guv speaks, I can’t even see Kim Reyonolds’ lips move.

    Is her job to stand behind him? for what, in case his Parkinson’s kiciks in?

    There are so many pix of her just standing there behind him like “me and my shadow” you can actually Google it.

    • William Denison

      Kim’s lookin like a greasy old witch these days. The stress of folks knowing that shes as dumb as a box of rocks is taking its toll on her. She and her Uncle Terry have got to go this fall!

  • Stephanie

    This bill allows Iowans to come home! They have to see neurologists here to even get the oil, then travel to CO to get it there, and bring it back home. This oil won’t get you high. It’s low in the THC that makes you high and has higher CBD which is what helps stop the seizures. CBD doesn’t make you high. People need to educate themselves about this before criticizing it. Watch the documentaries and read up on it. So many Iowans have left the state to go to CO to seek treatment for their children. They can’t come back across the border until this is passed.

    • William Denison

      This bill does nothing to bring Iowans home. Just because a few kids may get help if Braindead signs it there are far more Iowans who get crapped on and have to live their lives underground and in fear if they use cannabis for med reasons. Your out of touch lady and are very self centered. If this is the best this state can do I say don’t do nothing at all.

  • Kayla Sparrow

    The oil cant even create a “high”. It is medicine that people have been so desperate to get that they have gone out of state and brought it back illegally. Branstad is just aware that this will be the the start of a, slippery-slope so to speak. He is simply delaying the inevitable. One day America’s prohibition on cannabis will be over. We will embrace new medicines, renewable paper source, hundreds of other products and yes, a recreational product for those that choose it.
    I understand where Branstad is coming from, it would be hard thinking about getting reelected if he were to legalize it, but he needs to stop being selfish and do what he knows is best for Iowans.

    • Kamandak

      Even when possession is legal, these families will STILL have to go out of state and bring it back illegally. Unless they add that these products can be manufactured and sold in Iowa – this law is a ‘look we’re doing something’ ploy.

  • Kamandak

    And what exactly does the State of Iowa plan to do when a family trying to procure the oil, gets busted for trafficking in Nebraska? To allow possession of this oil but not have it made/sold in Iowa means the Iowa Legislature is encouraging Iowans who need this oil to break federal and surrounding state laws – arena’s Iowa has no authority in. Simple solution: Sell it in Iowa.

  • William Denison

    Smoke and mirrors at its finest. The bill needs to be junked and rewrote to include giving ALL IOWANS the right to use Med Cannabis if they want.
    Its really sad how all others in this state who support Med Cannabis have no voice even when we are the 80% majority.

    • Kayla Sparrow

      I agree. It should be legal for medical or recreational. However, these baby steps are all we can expect from the ones in charge. It is a small but very important step for Iowa.

  • Ray Lakers

    No different then myself, a registered medical marijuana patient in Colorado, from bringing it back to Iowa. Illegal is as illegal does.. Terrybull and his band of drug apes have standing in the path of medical marijuana patients in Iowa for decades… should be available yesterday.

  • Troy Hendrickson

    I know longer actually consider myself bound by the corrupt laws of Iowa, I live my life according to true moral principles and my religious beliefs. And the imports from Colorado are extremely high quality.

  • William Denison

    As a disabled veteran med cannabis means to me the difference of lying on the couch all day waiting for death or going out into my yard and feeling the sun on my face and planting flowers. I regret serving my state and country. Shameful.

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