TRAGIC DEATH: Boy Shot And Killed By Uncle

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DELAWARE TOWNSHIP, Pa. —  A Pennsylvania 10-year-old is dead after he was allegedly shot by his uncle while the man was showing off his gun.

WNEP reports Hunter Pedersen died of a gunshot wound to the head Saturday in Delaware Township, Pennsylvania. Police say 34-year-old Chad Olm, the child’s uncle, was showing off the laser sight on his Glock 27 when the incident happened.

Court records show Olm was pointing the laser at the ceiling and walls, then allegedly pointed it at Pedersen’s head. Police think the child may have reached for the gun before Olm pulled the trigger.

Olm is charged with homicide in the shooting.

An accidental shooting in Des Moines in April took the life of four-year-old Lillium Mead. She was allegedly shot in the chest in an accidental shooting on April 21st. Police have released few details in the case, but say the shooting appears to be an accident. Investigators are still deciding whether to press charges in the case.


  • Willilam Denison

    I wonder how many children have been killed because their uncle was using medical marijuana?

  • Trevor

    Why the hell was he pointing a gun at a a persons head anyway. Was A dumb@#$. He needs to spend life in prison. I have been around guns my whole life and have taken the hunter safety coarse many years ago. You never point a gun and a person and always treat a gun as it was loaded. Everyday I read crap and It always surprises me on how stupid people can be.

  • Deadmanwalking

    Life in prison? If malice cant be proved, it was negligent at best. Who hasn’t done something stupid that they cant take back? Yes this ranks up there with “dumbest mistake ever”, but still mistakes happen. Imagine shooting someone you love without the intent of killing them, then ask yourself how miserable and horrified you would feel? Should he be punished? Without a doubt! Child endangerment and Manslaughter would be a fair punishment. 10-15 years, out in 3-5.

  • Mandrake's Rootwerx

    This is definitely a tragedy, and definitely an act of absolute idiocy, but I hate it when others use such events to promote their own irrelevant agendas. This isn’t about guns, and it’s not about marijuana — it’s about a stupid, careless idiot. I got my first gun when I was FOUR years old — My dad cut the barrel and stock down on a single-shot .22 (probably illegally, in retrospect.) I’m 62 now, and I’ve managed to go through life without ever having killed anyone, with a gun, or otherwise, and that INCLUDES a LOT of marijuana use. Would you feel better if he was soused on beer or bourbon and shot someone, as is FAR more often the case than with marijuana use?

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