STORM CHASER: Adventureland Ride Almost Ready

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The newest thrill ride at Adventureland in Altoona is almost ready for its first riders.

Work will soon be complete on the “Storm Chaser.”

The swing ride lifts riders 260-feet into the air and then spins them around at 35 miles per hour for three and a half minutes.

storm chaserPark officials say it’s a long overdue addition to the park.

“This is one of the most thrilling new rides we’ve put in for a long time. We’ve been focused on the water parks since we started it in 2006 so everyone agreed it was time to get back in the main park and put in a great new attraction,” Adventureland’s Molly Vincent explained.

The “Storm Chaser” replaces the now decommissioned “Silly Silo.” It should be ready for riders by June 1st.

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  • Please pick my ad proposal!!!

    Has it been too long, since you have upchucked on family and friends, just for the fun of it?

    “Storm Chaser” will lift you and your buddies 260-feet into the air, then spin you around at 35 miles per hour for 3.5 minutes.

    If that doesn’t make you all nauseous enough to barf on each other, we spent $1.2 million for nothing. Come on in, and give it a try. What are family and friends for?

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