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DAD TO 18: Candidate Talks Of Foster System

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Robert Cramer makes a living as a bridge contractor. He talks about building bridges during his political campaign as a Republican candidate in the Third Congressional District primary. But in his private life, he and his wife have a built a family, a very large family.

The Cramers, of Grimes, raised two of their own children and have served as foster parents to 16 others. “There’s no shortage,” Cramer lamented describing how many children need foster parents.

Cramer talks about his decision to serve as a foster parent in a campaign ad.

And while Cramer wants voters to elect him to a federal office, he doesn’t think the federal government is the best place to get more families involved in the foster parent system. “The federal government really isn’t very good at these kinds of things,” Cramer said, “The more we can…that we can get more local and make local decisions, the better it’s going to be. And the less waste and just more efficient and fit Iowa better.”

He hopes other Iowans will “step up” to get involved as foster parents.

Cramer made his comments on Channel 13’s The Insiders Sunday.

Governor Terry Branstad had nominated Cramer to the Board of Regents. But Senate Democrats opposed the nomination, citing Cramer’s opposition to same-sex marriage as a board member for the group, The Family Leader. Cramer pushed back at charges that he would not be able to work with others in Congress who don’t believe as he does on social issues. “I have strong convictions,” Cramer said of his faith and added, “But I’m a bridge-builder.”

Cramer also wants to sell of some federal public land with money going toward paying down the national debt. He also supports drilling on public land, “in a safe way,” Cramer added.

And he thinks Congress could balance the budget in 5 years and would like to see all areas of energy production weaned off federal subsidies.

Watch Cramer on The Insiders here.

The primary is June 3rd. Absentee voting has already begun.