MAGIC AD: Candidate Reveals One Secret

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David Young isn’t a household name in Iowa. So he hopes a David Copperfield-like tv ad can help change that. Young, U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley’s former chief of staff, is one of six Republicans running in the 3rd Congressional District. Young tried to get attention with a campaign ad that relies on some slight-of-hand maneuvering.

The commercial doesn’t rely on editing, so Young had to make it through his lines and movements in one continuous scene. How many takes did that require? Young won’t quite say. “I do not tell my secrets,” Young said, “It took double figures. More than ten. How’s that?”

Young made his comments Sunday on Channel 13’s The Insiders. He acknowledged it is a different feeling being a candidate for the first time. “It’s kind of weird to drive down the interstate and see a big barn sign with the name David Young on it,” Young said.

The only other time Young ran for office, he joked, was as social chair of his fraternity at Drake University.

Young also addressed some of his positions on the issues, as well. He wants an audit of the entire federal government to see where all departments spend money. Young wants zero-based budgeting where all agencies begin with no money, instead of assuming they start their budgeting with the dollars they had the year before. “They start at nothing and you make them beg for every dollar they want.”

The primary takes place June 3rd. Early voting has already begun. 

Watch The Insiders here. 


  • William Denison

    A guy doing magic tricks for a 5 year olds birthday party is ok. But a grown man doing them as a way to get votes is just creepy. The best trick this guy can do for us Iowans is disappear.

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