CLIMATE CHANGE: White House Task Force Talks Underway

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Governors and mayors from around the nation are in Des Moines today as part of the White House task force on climate change.

The group is discussing the recent updated climate change assessment put out by the Obama administration.

The report makes it very clear that climate change is here and now and not in the future.

Experts point out proof of it in the heartland.

“More of the overall precipitation is coming down in extreme events. There are downpours and more deluges, which means both that the water is lost as storm runoff rather than soaking into the soil and it means increased flood risk,” senior advisor to President Obama, John Holdren said. “A second thing that is happening in this part of the country is increased duration and intensity of hot spells.”

Other factors that are popping up include a longer allergy season and the spread of ticks which carry lime disease.


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