SEEING DOGS: Free Eye Exams For Service Animals

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The service animals dedicated to helping others are getting a little help themselves.

This month, eye doctors are giving free exams to seeing eye dogs, police dogs, and others who serve their community.

The nationwide program is designed to treat and prevent vision problems that could interfere with their job.

Sandy Poldberg’s guide dog, eight-year-old Joe, went in to Iowa Veterinary Specialties for a check-up on Wednesday.

After dilating Joe’s eyes and taking a quick peak at his lenses, the ophthalmologist gave him a clean bill of health.

“Probably got a little old age change, but there's no vaccine for old age so you just live with that,” Dr. Alan Brightman commented.

IVS is offering free eye exams for service dogs again on Thursday. To see if your dog qualifies for the program and for more information on the exams click here.