IMMIGRATION REFORM: King Blamed For Bill’s Delay

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A fight over illegal immigration has some lawmakers blaming an Iowa congressman.

Last year the US Senate approved an immigration reform bill allowing a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.

The House is yet to take it up and without action by August it is unlikely to make it to President Obama’s desk.

“If nothing happens during this window it is clear that this has occurred because Steve King calls the shots and he has won the immigration debate in the House among the House Republicans,” Sen. Charles Schumer (D) said.

This is the second time Schumer has blamed Rep. Steve King (R) for the immigration reform bill and King likes what he hears.

“I’m flattered by Schumer’s attempt to insult me, yet give me 100-percent of the credit for blocking his amnesty bill and agenda,” Rep. King told Channel 13.

King has had a high profile in the debate since comments he made about Hispanic immigrants in July, 2013 hit national headlines.


  • William Denison

    steve King is just another one of those redneck lawmakers that makes Iowa look like a hillbilly state.Vote out the GOP this fall!

  • dan

    I’s just a hillbilly here but ifin’s ya goes inta another country, knowing that you can be deported (even in majestic Mexico) and you think you need laws that automatically make you a citizen? Try that in Iran, you’ll be shot, China prison or be shot, etc. etc. The Democrats don’t want voter’s to have ID’s, something I know nobody doesn’t have. And they want to open the borders to everyone, leaving the chance of one big trojan horse. Here’s a thought, how bout doing it the legal way for a change. How about asking an Indian how that open immigration thing works?

  • do ur job

    I think as part of the citizenship ritual, you have to swear to uphold the law of the land….it’s an epic fail from the git go. I think we need to prosecute the employers, levying heavy fines to subsidize deportation and blowing up tunnels.

  • BrutallyHonest

    I applaud him for blocking this bill! Whey should we grant them amnesty when they came here illegally?? They already broke the laws getting here, they failed to “uphold the law of the land” the minute they stepped foot accross the boarder. Democrats only want this to get more votes from hispanics that shouldnt be voting anyway.

  • David John Francis

    The only chance for America to survive the criminal enterprise of the Obama Administration and their Socialist agenda of SOMETHING FOR NOTHING, and almost just as bad the hard-core Republicans is to vote for TEA PARTY LEADERSHIP. If the American tax payer doesn’t rise up against Obama’s Socialist agenda, this country is lost. The only chance to survive this tyranny and his minions spitting on the U.S. Constitution, is to vote for the TEA PARTY leadership. I retired from the Merchant Marine; worked all my life and I have never seen a government that has become an evil entity to the people. I have taken a dime from government handouts, but Obama insists of giving assistance to illegal aliens. The majority of people, who vote for the Democrats and lobotomized Liberals, will be foreigners looking for freebies from this government; probably with illegal voting. Remember the TEA PARTY will abolish the IRS, so everybody pays and no exceptions.

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